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  1. Rock Slider Identification - JLU - Pics

    Looking at a set of like neused (albeit dirty) rock sliders that appear to be the Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot sliders off FB marketplace for an excellent deal. Seller does not know what they are. No logo or etching to be seen. RockHard site: https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-90104.htm Seller...
  2. Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement Kit Creaking on new XR

    Hi all, Has anyone else with an XR package JLU or those of you who have added the Mopar tailgate reinforcement kit experience an annoying creaking sound? My XR has right at 500 miles, on the 150+ mile drive home I heard no sounds but 2 weeks later it’s a damn near constant hitting any sort of...