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  1. Seems Like Dealership Sales Are Slowing Down Drastically

    It's crazy that people will put themselves in that situation financially. Blows my mind lol
  2. CavFab Installation Experience

    Dang OP sorry to hear how the install went. I got lucky I guess, no problems with the hinges and getting the tailgate to close properly. I also installed mine by myself in about 4 hours, maybe closer to 5. I think the order I went through was to align the tailgate first, tighten the plates...
  3. NOW I can support JL Pricing

    Bahahaha! You know ever since I saw that picture on here of the 6 door Jeep I've been second guessing my 4 door 🤣
  4. What are you hauling in a JLU?

    Not with the Jeep, only the trailer. I could only put a little over half a yard on the trailer at a time. Not much different than a pickup though, unless your talking 2500 or 3500.
  5. What are you hauling in a JLU?

    I have a 5x8 utility trailer when I need to move stuff around that's larger than what fits in the back. Redid my landscaping last summer and hauled out 7-8 yards of rock/dirt/junk and brought home 6 yards of new rock with it. Drywall for a remodel project, lumber etc. Other than that I'm mostly...
  6. Picture request for JLUR with 3.5" MC lift

    3.5" MC GC lift, 37" BFG KO2s. I also have a warn zeon 12k winch on the front, steel front and rear bumpers, steel tire carrier and the full belly skid plate from MC as well, so little bit of extra weight. If I recall correctly I'm right around 3.75" of actual lift currently.
  7. Went to start Jeep, battery dead

    I think you may be correct that I left the ultimate electron pig connected. I did measure what I would believe to be the aux battery voltage at 3.x vdc. I had the positive and negative battery terminal clamps removed and put my DMM leads on there to get the 3.x vdc reading. I did a little more...
  8. Jump starting question

    Thanks guys, successfully jumped it earlier and no sparky sparky boom boom, or letting the magic smoke out of the electrical components!
  9. Jump starting question

    So would this point be sufficient then? Looks like a chasis ground if I'm not mistaken? Your story is exactly why I'm asking lol, I'm leaving for a vacation in a day and don't want anything messing up my plans!
  10. Jump starting question

    Reading in the owners manual about jump starting the jeep is kind of confusing for a simpleton like myself. Manual states to connect jumper cable to positive terminal on battery, and to connect the negative "to a good engine ground", and specifically states to not connect the negative jumper...
  11. Went to start Jeep, battery dead

    Measured the voltage on my main battery, everything is still hooked up as normal and I'm getting a 4.8vdc reading on my dmm. Not sure what the hell happened as last night when I drove to the gym and home it started like normal, no warning lights on the dash or anything. Pretty sure I didn't...
  12. How did you break in your JL upon delivery?

    Drove 540 miles from the dealership where I purchased it back to my house! 🤣 I think there's a recommended procedure in the owners manual, kept it pretty close to that from what I recall. So far my Jeep hasn't exploded so I'm guessing I did it right 😉
  13. Anyone know of any 2.0L teardown videos?

    Love my sewing machine 2.0T! 🤣
  14. Did they change the manual clutch at all in 2023?

    Hah! Okay so I was remembering correctly then!
  15. One more reason auto is vastly superior to stick in crawling

    Definitely some trails me and my buddy hit where the auto shines. I do miss driving a manual though.
  16. I think we all knew this, now there is a study to prove it.

    I'm confused, is having a small pecker supposed to be bad or something?
  17. Did they change the manual clutch at all in 2023?

    Gotcha, for some reason I was thinking the recall was for a mechanical problem they were trying to band aid with a software update. Didn't realize it was a "design" issue and people not knowing how to drive a manual that was causing them to detonate.
  18. Been topless in heavy rain?

    I got caught in some pretty heavy rain once with no top or doors on. The temp in the morning was mid 60s which was perfect, but then a storm rolled in and temp dropped to mid/low 40s. When I was going through some towns to get back to the highway it was miserable, if you can keep your speed...
  19. Stubby bumper for a daily driver - cons?

    The only con that comes to mind is the stubby looks so damn cool you might start day dreaming when you're walking back to your Jeep after leaving target with a full shopping cart and 240lbs of water softener tablets loaded up on that SOB and you end up plowing through Matilda and her 9 children...