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  1. 21 Rubicon manual 6 speed slip/lurch in 3rd @ 3000rpm

    I took it in to a dealer way back and they said no issues and blamed it on my aftermarket exhaust even though it was doing it prior to that, the good news is that I'm over 30k miles now with no issues...it does still do it occasionally, usually under very light acceleration but there's been no...
  2. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Stock 21 JL 2 DOOR cat back exhaust make an offer located in Chandler near Pecos and McQueen. Has some minor rock rash see pics.
  3. 3.5” lift with 35” tires

    Is this pic with the 3.5 springs or the 2.5? It sits really nice.
  4. 4wd High, no throttle response and wouldn't shift into 2nd gear, 2021 3.6 MANUAL Trans

    Did Broken Arrow and then Schnebly Hill today, at the top (essentially a fire road, loose dirt with small rocks) transitioned to 4wd high range from low range and continued to drive roughly 20-35mph shifting and slowing for rocks and then picking speed back up. The engine stopped responding to...
  5. 2021 JL Throttle Surge (manual trans)

    They do now with the latest firmware update it shows what gear you're in on the dash under the speed. Also the surge is in fact still there after that update, I believe its just normal part of the map. I agree its dumb though the revs hang way too long almost all the time.
  6. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    That's essentially where I'm at, I'm not totally confident it's normal but it's somewhat reassuring that it's not just mine if that makes any sense. I will just live with it as I have for the last 11k miles.
  7. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Appreciate the offer, I do have my stock exhaust still I'm just too lazy to mess with it at this point. I might try another dealer and if they say the same excuse I'll consider putting the stock exhaust back on.
  8. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Got the dealer to easily replicate it and then they gave me a cop-out and tried saying its from my "exhaust which is beat up" but it has zero damage to it... Told them its done this since day one so then they brought up that it looked aftermarket... Anyways it still does it after the new recall...
  9. Portable air compressor and tire deflator suggestions.

    I don't follow, I'm not blocking a trail or anything I just air down like normal I just didnt spend $70 on some brass deflators
  10. 6 speed Rubicon binding noise in 4low

    It's normal just the brake lock differential working. Essentially an ABS system that helps you offroad sadly it is always active but it actually works pretty good at least.
  11. Portable air compressor and tire deflator suggestions.

    I feel like I'm the only one but I just use the tire pressure monitor in the dash and pull my valve stems out takes like 2mins to air down all 4 from 35-16psi
  12. Redrock or awe cat back exaust

    For what its worth take a look at the Pypes Performance cat backs they have several versions on their website. I have the touring one which is not as loud and really love the sound, little bit of drone (every exhaust that's louder/less restrictive is gonna have some amount of drone) but not...
  13. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    yeah hoping it will fix both issues for me with the recall update.
  14. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    No mine is the stock tune still. (built oct 2020) I'm scheduled for the 20th and assuming they will do the recall update that day too.
  15. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    sorry to resurrect this but I've got a 21 6 speed Rubicon 2 door with the same stutter under accel in 3rd gear happens every time under light accel between 43 and 44mph only in 3rd gear. Easy to replicate by setting cruise at 43 and then bumping it up to 44 on the steering controls. sometimes...
  16. Low Speed Acceleration Shudder

    I have a 21 JL Rubicon (6 speed manual) in 3rd gear when accelerating at exactly 43-44mph the engine will lurch it seems to stutter between 43-44 or something before the power hits back on. I can replicate this issue easily especially if setting cruise control at 43 and then bumping the control...
  17. New Superwinch SX series?

    You should post a review for other user if you can, I ended up finding an amazing deal on a warn locally so went that route but the super winch looks like a good value.
  18. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    It's likely a different system on the jl... my guess is that the JL BLD uses ABS to control wheel speed which is exactly why it sounds like ABS which can be described as grinding and such just like BLD makes in my JL. Grinding noise from ABS / BLD normal? | 2018+ Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL /...