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  1. Need (quick!) help removing the brake cover

    NAY NAY! We got it. For anyone who does this (like really, what are the odds! LOL)... There are two "caps" on the back side of the whole thing (near the bottom) and two bolts behind them. We removed the bolts and were able to lift the whole thing up high enough that I could grab the licence...
  2. Need (quick!) help removing the brake cover

    Can you see my drivers license? LOL Ugh. How do I remove this thing? HELP!
  3. Need new brake light (tire)

    Yesterday I decided to see how well my kayak fits in my Jeep. It turns out, surprisingly well!! But the brake light could be a problem, and this setup won’t work with my Paddleboard. I’m looking to ditch it to buy the ones that light up behind the tire instead, but my JLUS has the back up cam...
  4. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    I really like this idea. Thanks! We're drafting out a few ideas right now. We need to decide on how many "roller thingies" we want as well. LOL
  5. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    No, sorry. I just saved it from google. Couldn't find plans, but it looks pretty straight forward. A U shaped saddle! YES! I guess we'll start there, and figure the rest out later That T bar thing looks fairly straight forward, but it's the balance point that throws me. I'm not really sure how...
  6. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    MY BAD!!! There's no gap. So we'd be drilling right into it.
  7. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    Oh, you can see the beam at the front of the carport. If I could find a way to safely use it as a hoist...
  8. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    Right? I was holding my breath a bit in that one. lol I would make it a lot stronger, but essentially that's what I have to work with (one BIG beam that runs across the carport). So in theory, the design could be the same. My only concern is finding the balance, or securing it in a way where I...
  9. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    This? Has anyone tried this? I could easily rig something like this to that beam... I mean it can be done. Knowing how to do (with confidence) it is the other problem. LOL
  10. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    PS. I also came across this (also borrowed from google images) but this freaks me out even more than our sketchy ceiling!
  11. Hoist "frame" or single point mount?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so mods please move it to the appropriate forum. We bought a scaffold (with wheels) hard top storage, but I need some assistance in making a hoist for single person removal. The scaffold (on wheels) is parked in our carport (no garage) and will be (eventually)...
  12. Intermittent key fob?

    I still haven't had any further problems with mine. Just the one time, at a place I go to 3-4x/week. Often the same parking spot too. Definitely not interference. I hope you guys can figure it out!
  13. First window crack and four months old (and first crack EVER)

    I have some choice... not a lot. And thanks for the tip!
  14. Warning messages (one after another!)

    hahaha Yes. I'll check again though. Some of them were super wiggly but I couldn't push them in any further (are they supposed to wiggle like that??). I didn't check the battery cables though... I'll take another look.
  15. Warning messages (one after another!)

    Can someone help me figure out what's going on? JeepCares need not reply (I'm in Canada). We brought home my 2020 JLUS just before Christmas. The following have happened once, and only once unless otherwise specified. On day two or three (I think two) I was waiting in the intersection to turn...
  16. First window crack and four months old (and first crack EVER)

    Do you replace them with standard glass? I'm hoping to find something of higher quality.
  17. what about MPG

    I'm STILL getting 15l/100kms (15.7 mpg). 4000kms (about 3000 miles) 2L Turbo, no lift, 100 extra lbs of tires (285/70R17 KO2's). Its' not flat where I live but there aren't a lot of major hills either. Hilly yes, but like slow rolling with flats in between. :/ Lots of "gentle inclines".
  18. First window crack and four months old (and first crack EVER)

    Thanks! I know it's not fixable and I don't plan to replace it anytime soon (and honestly I feel a wee bit honoured like now I'm on "official" member or something. LOL), but I do want to do some research on what to buy when I do replace it. My fingers are crossed that something better exists...
  19. First window crack and four months old (and first crack EVER)

    27 years of driving and four months after I buy my Jeep I get my first big crack on my windshield. Right on the drivers side. REALLY, Jeep?? I know, I know... "It's a Jeep thing". :facepalm: I'm both excited and saddened, at the same time. haha So for replacements, is there something I should...
  20. EZTrunk looks interesting

    I'll be buying this for sure if it lays flat with no points from the install bolts. I camp a LOT in the summer and I need to be able to lay the back seats flat to make full use of the cargo space, but there are times when I also sleep in the back (rainy nights, etc). So as long as I can lay...