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  1. California Diode Dynamics clear turn led signals. 50.00 OBO

    hey brandon .. I'll pay an extra $10 for postage if you have time to go to post office and mail to me .. (n san diego county) ... lmk if that works...thanks!

    2018 model year .... all of a sudden there discoloration behind the glass on the right side of the rear view mirror .... fairly large area ... i am the original owner, hardtop has never been removed, don't live at the beach or other high humidity area in california .... what up? anybody...
  3. California Rubicon Take Offs

    are you including the tpms? ... thanks
  4. California OE Alpine front sound bar speaks

    clarification, please ... did these speakers come out of the soundbar or the dash? ... thanks
  5. Recs for paint shop in Long Beach - LAX area?

    looking forward to this info ... i also have a set i'd like to paint and would prefer to take them to a shop that has done it before and did it right ... also wondering what to expect to pay, so any info in that regard would be great ... and really appreciated.
  6. California (SoCal) Black Rhino 17x8.5 Riot Beadlocks & Toyo 35x12.5 AT3 - $1,700 Set of 5

    do you have any pictures of these wheels mounted on your jeep?
  7. California AEV Borah wheels with Protection ring

    where in LA might you be?
  8. California AEV Borah wheels with Protection ring

    if you have reason to be in oc or san diego anytime in the not too distant future, hit me up and i'll buy the wheels...
  9. California Snow Chains for 35x12.5r17

    guessing these are the cable type chains ... can you confirm, please?
  10. California Beat Up Rubicon Fenders (LED) - $100 Charitable Donation (North County SD)

    hey justin ... just sent you pm ... ready to do this today!

    appreciate your response ... couple questions .... how much are you looking to get for the fenders? ... and where in cali are you located? ... thanks!
  12. Utah Jeep Wrangler JL Bilstein 5160 Shocks Brand New! $700

    sent you a pm last night ... let's do this!
  13. California Rubicon XE rims x5 $$$OLD

    jk47 .... if $200 will work, i'll buy them ... and come get them tomorrow ... lmk ... thanks, mike...
  14. California Rubicon XE rims x5 $$$OLD

    i'm interested if they are still available ... i'm in socal ... thanks.
  15. California Los Angeles - WTB - Set of Xtreme Recon Fender Flare Extensions

    its a mopar part, so your local dealer can get it for you ... but they're probably not going to discount it much, if at all ...

    looking for a cat back dual exhaust for 3.6 .... if you're unhappy with yours for some reason or just wants to try something different, hit me up .... thanks, mike
  17. California JLU Sting Gray Hardtop and Freedom Panels

    wondering if you already have a soft top and would consider some sort of trade if you don't ... i have a new (never installed) premium factory soft top with all hardware (still in the box) ...lmk .....mike
  18. Colorado JLU Sahara Fenders w/LED

    If you change your mind about shipping, please let me know ... guessing my liners will work, so i don't need your liners .... so weight will be alot less .... you'll just need 2 large boxes and some bubble wrap.....you can send a front and rear fender in each of the boxes....thanks, mike