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  1. Colorado 2022 Rubicon XR35 OneTouch

    We are selling our 22 White Rubicon with XR35 package and OneTouch. FULLY LOADED WITH 4k in extras! Saddle Interior and every option. 3.6 engine. Has warn 12K synthetic, MORE offroad skids, LOD rock sliders and a few extras. 2300 miles currently Took 8 months to get and we missed 3 trips so...
  2. 5 months and still Waiting

    Fully Loaded Rubicon, White with Saddle Brown interior. Xtream package and 1 touch. Order December 10th, it's now May 8th and it's still sitting in JB-R status! Not sure what JB-R status is but can you say ridiculous! Apparently, Jeep has plenty of money to afford paying A 15K employee bonus a...