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  1. Tube Door Kit - 77072498 can't find

    Any update on availability of the tube doors?
  2. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Copied and built today. I went even cheaper - I used the foam out of the soft top box ass stops for the top. Worked great. $27 worth of parts, $14 of which was nice castor's with locks .
  3. Tube Door Kit - 77072498 can't find

    Anyone hear anything yet on these?
  4. Smittybilt X2O Install

    Did this install yesterday. My first time working on a Wrangler. Took about 3 hrs including a trip to Home Depot for deep sockets. Wiring tip - I used a bent coat hanger to help pull through the wires.
  5. Do I NEED a lift and tires?

    This thread is incredibly helpful, and should be pinned. I've never off-roaded before getting my JLUR (I'm a huge track rat - ACR-E for the win!), but since getting my Wrangler, I've gone off roading 3 times, and loved it. And I THOUGHT I wanted to lift and go bigger tires, etc. Instead, never...
  6. Evo Mfg Bolt On Coilovers

    I'm told pricing beginning of next week from their sales guy. Told them I'm happy to give them a deposit ASAP.
  7. Wait for higher quality lifts?

    For me it's a more a time question - if it'll be a year or so until the coilover kits become available, I'll do the Mopar lift for now, knowing I'll pull it out in a year.
  8. Wait for higher quality lifts?

    So I'm quite new to this Jeep thing, and off roading in general - my expertise lies in nice smooth tarmac and downforce! But I'm loving my new JLUR, and going to start modifying soon. One thing I'm wondering is if it's worth waiting for a higher end lift and suspension kit like the Icon or EVO...
  9. ICON Lift

    I asked the same on their YouTube page - response was early April availability.
  10. Finally took delivery!

    GTC4Lusso, not an FF.
  11. Finally took delivery!

    Jeep arrived last Monday, but I was in China, then at Thermal for a couple days. Finally got to collect my JLUR this afternoon. Looks good paired with my other FCA with 4WD. No mods yet, but that probably won't last long.
  12. "Fish People" mad at Jeep?!

    Fins. This story still has fins. I'll see myself out now ;~)>
  13. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Mine was delivered today. Two months exactly from order to delivery. And I’m in Beijing for a few days. Doh.
  14. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    D’oh. Mine is now just 45 miles away, but I’m leaving for Beijing in the morning. At least I know what I’ll be doing when I get back Wednesday...
  15. Dealership in California has a Rubicon price mark-up of $16,000!!!

    Worst was the ACR - they literally give you two BINDERS full of colors. I can't remember if each binder was 16K colors or 32K colors. Now pick one. Then they send you a little model of the car in that color for you to confirm. Luckily, I picked VERY well. So happy with that car.
  16. Dealership in California has a Rubicon price mark-up of $16,000!!!

    You get surprisingly little sympathy when you describe the hardships of spec'ing your Ferrari... ;)
  17. Dealership in California has a Rubicon price mark-up of $16,000!!!

    No, I mean that they are now going to build far more than the 500 units they originally stated. And while production will not be voluminous, if you want one, you'll eventually be able to get one from your dealer. Just in a year or two.
  18. Dealership in California has a Rubicon price mark-up of $16,000!!!

    GT2RS is no longer limited. Porsche quietly changed it because of the insane demand - mine should be here sometime early 2019 :~)>
  19. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Also, for timing reference, my Rubi was ordered Dec 11, went D1 on Jan4, was in D1 for 21 days, then went D1 to KZ in 3 days. ETD 2/16-2/22. Tracking here was always right in line with Jeep chat.
  20. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    @lithe1 mines the same, and also Bay Area. Guessing on the same train ;)