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  1. Got the V41 recall work done

    So my 2018 JLUR is part of this recall but I never had the wobble issue, shall I risk it and get the parts replaced and hope they do the work correctly or just leave it untouched? I do have lifetime maxcare, would they fix it under recall if I develop this wobble say a few years down the road?
  2. Death Wobble Fixed...for free???

    Little more details with new damper part number. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/chrysler/2019/08/10/jeep-death-wobble-fix/1969368001/
  3. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Finished it today. I did ran into issue with wiper clearing the 1x2 strip. Moved the strip backwards about 2 inches and it worked perfectly. I already had the lumber from another project so costed me ~$15 for 2 yards of fabric and 4 2" casters from Walmart.
  4. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    I'll be building this dolly setup tomorrow. I wanted to do electric hoist setup but my garage ceiling is too high to get that done.
  5. ROAM Side Steps light wiring (or any step lights with door open illumination.)

    Chris, Lately I'm seeing my LEDs stay on all the time, is the relay gone bad or something else interfering? Thanks!
  6. ROAM Side Steps light wiring (or any step lights with door open illumination.)

    So all the LEDs that came with the steps are dead now (one is still flickering), how are your holding up? Any good replacement ones?
  7. Who is buying this six wheeler:)

    Saw this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Jeep-Wrangler-WRANGLER-UNLIMITED-RUBICON-6-WHEEL-CUSTOM-3RD-ROW/283281115828
  8. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    Guys, Stop wasting time and just deal with Tom, best price and peace of mind that it’s legit Mopar warranty. Once Tom process your coverage, you can login to the Mopar account and it shows warranty end year as 2199 or something like that.
  9. Caliper Paint

    G2 is the best, I used it on Camaro’s brembo and had zero issues.
  10. Do I need a Tailgate reinforcement?

    I erred on the side of caution and added the reinforcement kit, my 35 spare is sitting nice and snug on the steel bumper.
  11. What warranty did you purchase, if any?

    I bought Mopar lifetime maxcare unlimited miles w/ $100 deductible for $27xx.
  12. FCA Lifetime Warranty Question

    Hmm, so the price did go up by $250 for this policy...Tom warned us of this bump in last week of September.
  13. JLU (4DR) FS: JLUR rails (in MA)

    Still available
  14. Antenna swap

    I also have the shorty one but have poor reception and am thinking of going back to stock for now. How is your experience?
  15. Ordering JLUR

    Auto loans are simple interest loans which by law can be paid off early with no pre-pay penalty. When you close the sale, you’ll see it on the loan document.
  16. Ordering JLUR

    Yes absolutely, dealer rep may lie to you on this but you can pay it off whenever you want.
  17. To wash or not to wash

    I do good prep first wash and seal the paint nicely (all blackfire products) and then I do rinseless wash every 10 days or so, very easy and quick!
  18. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    Now that I have driven Jeep multiple times during the night, I would say it is worth every cent and a must have! Back in August when I ordered mine, LEDs were restriction item but so glad FCA accepted the sold orders for them.
  19. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    More details on this please...any link to where you bought these? Thanks!
  20. Why did you buy a Jeep with bad steering?

    Gotcha ;) But seriously lemons in a bunch happens all the time everywhere, why would that impact your decision to buy a JL...forums tend to highlight issues more than what they are % wise.