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  1. Soft top window storage

    I have one of these. Very nice! I have one of these bags too. Very nice!
  2. Scaffold for Hardtop storage and removal works great

    Makes a great place to store the freedom panels and other stuff too
  3. Ohio Unlimited premium soft top

  4. Ohio Cmm mirrors

  5. Ohio Flag off-road doors

    Do you still have these?
  6. Backup Lights

    Got it. Thanks! I was trying to find it on Rigid's site.
  7. Backup Lights

    Do you have a part number for this light? I tried Rigid's website and couldn't find it. Thanks
  8. Mud Flaps

    I used the Mopar mud flaps front and rear. Made for the JL. I bought a cheap plastic rivet gun from Harbor Freight for the install. Super easy, never removed tires for this install.
  9. Rubicon Steel Front Bumper Inner Covers

    Interested. Approximate cost?
  10. Backup Lights

    Do you have a link for the Rigid lights that you are referring to? Thanks
  11. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Does Bestop also make the tops for Broncos? "If so" we may never see a retractable shade from them. Only hoping like lots of others. Love their Sunrider though. Maybe another aftermarket company will pick up on this?
  12. Ohio Flag off-road doors

    PM sent PM sent
  13. Is a JL wrangler a good daily driver???

    Wife loves her daily driver. Go get one. If you don't like it they have great resale value. What's not to like?
  14. Great Smokey Mt Jeep Fest Pics

    Are you referring to the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion?
  15. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Okay, here goes. I have to ask. Do your patches come with some sort of velcro like backing? Or how are they sticking? Good idea!
  16. Handheld CB Recommendations?

    I have two of these CB's. Cooltech is a sponsor. Removable, or just unplug and hide in center console. All of the controls are on the mic. Tune the antenna and they work pretty good for what they are. Sure there's better radios. But this is handheld, easy to remove and hide, affordable. Also...
  17. When will Flat Black go away

    You young guys should lighten up a bit on us older guys. Who ya gonna pick on when we're gone?
  18. When will Flat Black go away

    I have a silver Moab, there's the blacked out thing and I like the look. But I'm old and like real chrome on real American made classic cars and Harley's. Don't forget the load pipes.
  19. Would you buy a Lambent Earth colored JL?

    I like the idea of brown with a tan top and with either brown or tan seats.