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  1. Rancho 2-3.5 lift on 34s

    I haven’t but from I’ve read it could be spring being seated properly. Check to make sure the little knub is going through the little hole on top of the spring bucket
  2. Rancho 2-3.5 lift on 34s

    I got close to 4 inches after install so hoping it settles a bit but even with that they don’t look too small
  3. Rancho 2-3.5 lift on 34s

    Thought I’d share my lift install today with the Rancho 2-3.5 sport lift with 9000xl shocks. Running the nittos 285/75/17 and loving the look. Paired the lift with a RC adjustable front track bar. Rock Krawler rear track bar bracket .5 Tera flex spacers up front to correct rake and Rancho...
  4. Nevada 4xe Rubicon takeoff suspension

    Has roughly 1400 miles on it so pretty much brand new. Located in Las Vegas Includes - Shocks, Springs, front LCAs, Sway links, Spring isolators $200
  5. 4xe suspension on Sport Altitude

    Any updates on this install?
  6. 4xe Sahara suspension on non-4xe

    same here I’ll be installing either next weekend or 2 weeks. Keep me posted!
  7. 4xe Sahara suspension on non-4xe

    4xe I’m picking up Monday numbers are Rear 674AA Front 665AD looks like your were 673AA and 666AD wonder if the 4xe runs just like the jlus where 1 digit means ~ 1/4 inch.Was hoping they matched yours perfectly for the rake you got, perhaps I’ll have a 1/2 spacer on hand for install just in case
  8. 4xe Sahara suspension on non-4xe

    that is awseome!!! Can out very nice for a 2 door I’ve heard a lot of talk that it would really create rake but if a 2 door came out to .5 my JLU should fit it perfectly. This is what I needed to commit to it. Appreciate it
  9. 4xe Sahara suspension on non-4xe

    Anyone have updates on completing a 4xe to a JLU yet? Looking to go this route but there is just not much info around on it
  10. 4xe take-off springs and shocks

    Any updates on the install? Looking at a similar setup but not much info on this