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  1. Anyone from here attend this? "Nearly 200 people arrested, two shot during the 'Go Topless Jeep Weekend"

    I live in Katy Tx and never go as it’s just an excuse to drink and get into trouble for most of the ppl that go, we normally go to South Padre or Crystal beach as it’s just overall better
  2. Tailgate Reinforcement Help Please

    I have been running with BFG KO2 35’s for a few years and have no swing gate reinforcement and have had zero issues, I originally had asked @TTEChris of Tank Customs about this when his shop did the work on my JL and he advised for what I would be running it was not needed and he was 100%...
  3. Jeep Dog pics

    Not much to see with my riding buddy laying in the seat with the top down
  4. Firearm and knife collectors

    I honestly don’t shoot it very often, I just wanted to get one to have and pass to my son but then he’s going to get the Smith Corona 1903A3 as well
  5. Firearm and knife collectors

    The Garand was ordered from the CMP many years back and I actually ordered two and when the came I carefully inspected both and picked the best of the two and sold off the other one. The rifle is branded HRA with minimal wear and all matching numbers on the main parts for the most part, it does...
  6. Time for a Bath

    The first thing I did was a good solid soap bath with Meguiars Gold soap and washed it twice then used Mothers Cally Gold clay bar kit and after doing that twice I used the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic combo that uses a pre clean/prep spray that is supposed to prepare the surface and i did that twice...
  7. Time for a Bath

    Well I had the time today and started early a.m to do a full exterior detail with ceramic spray and I was super pleased with the end result, I’m sure this is not as durable as a professionally applied ceramic coating but for $100 total and my time it was worth it and I would recommend it to...
  8. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Well I had the time today and started early a.m to do a full exterior detail with ceramic spray like the OP did but used a different product and I was super pleased with the end result, I’m sure this is not as durable as a professionally applied ceramic coating but for $100 total and my time it...
  9. ESS battery dead

    As far as ESS goes there are some options like hood switch ( gives a error message) Tazer but it has to be left plugged in but I believe if you get the mini the port is still open and lastly you can get a Smart Stop/ Start module and all it does is ESS ( it’s what I use and it’s perfect for just...
  10. ESS battery dead

    I keep mine on a tender as much as I can and it’s my daily driver, I only work 14 day’s a month and on my work days it’s 60 miles round trip and then we do some short trips here and there with the occasional road trip but not to many of them lately. I use a quick connect with my Deltran so it’s...
  11. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    I have dropped a clay bar before and you are correct on tossing it, I have since picked small microfiber mitt that I use with a clay bar, it seems to keep it in hand easier but I have still dropped them, I have been reading about clay bar mitts and towels and they are more costly than a...
  12. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    I have the Mothers kit that you used coming to me along with a Wolfgang Ceramic spray kit... The Wolfgang was pretty pricy but it gets pretty decent reviews
  13. Tire idiot light on!!!!

    I sold off my Tazer months ago and after replacing the TPMS sensors with a different set I have only had an occasional issue with the light going on, my guess is the position of the aftermarket sensors in my method wheels pushes the sensors out to far from the receivers and they lose their mind...
  14. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    I’m in, this was my riding partner helping with tire rotation at my local Discount Tire...
  15. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    I believe the dealer used the Frostfighter 2000 epoxy which is suppose to have a high silver content and the tech actually did a very clean job and did not glob it on but we will see how it holds, here in south Texas it does not get used much
  16. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Seems like most Dealer Service Centers can’t do anything in a timely manor, I took my JL in awhile back and it took them two days to do a oil change and replace the main battery after it failed a load test and I recently had my defroster repaired and it took from open till close to get it fixed...
  17. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Well as usual they had my JL all day, I dropped it off at 08:30 and they called at 16:30 to tell me it was was repaired and hoping it works but here in south Texas it rarely gets used so time will tell.
  18. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    I followed @00Sebby idea and pulled a wire tie snug after I introduced some slack in the repair the dealer made yesterday, I did notice that the wire connector moves around on the window button connector and from my understanding it’s supposed to do that, my warranty is almost up on my JL ( few...
  19. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Did you have to pop the glass bonding tab out of the connector and then snap it back on after using the epoxy on it.
  20. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    I would ask them a lot besides why it failed like why did they bury the ESS battery along with a host of other things