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  1. California Rubicon take off wheels and tires

    Set of 5. Maybe 400 miles on them. Located near North Lake Tahoe / Truckee area. No TPMS. $750
  2. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    C-series 10" on LOD stubby. Hoping it helps well when it snows (yes, I know it's not street legal...shhhh). What do you think, look ok?
  3. delete sorry

    Apologies pls delete thread
  4. Trans Temp

    Today, lightly offroading just going real slow over some technical stuff. Trans temp was 235. I stopped until the temp went way back down. I noticed 235 really isn't just more than half way on the meter, in off-road pages. 235 seems nuts, Thoughts?
  5. Which is the correct Torque Chart

    Hello all, Subject title. The attached picture. So, my '19 JLUR has the 2" Mopar lift installed by dealer. My front suspension developed some 'popping', so first thing I wanted to check was the control arms. I ask dealer who put the kit on for torque chart and they sent me the chart in the...
  6. Remote Start and Honk, Honk

    First, I did try to search. Anyone know how to disable honk honk when using remote start? thanks
  7. 77072395AB Mopar Lift installed on 2.0l

    Just noticed that the subject lift part no. 77072395AB, intended for the 3.6l engine, was installed on my 2.0l. Anyone know the difference between the 3.6l Mopar lift kit and the 2.0l Mopar lift kit? Should I care?
  8. Stock rubi sway bar disconnect questions

    1. Most times after pressing the button, I need to get moving a little say 1 mph, before it actually disconnects. Do you think it's ok to do that? 2. When the Jeep is in 4hi and disconnected, and you turn the jeep off / then restart, the brain auto-reconnects. Is there a hack to prevent this...
  9. 22nd Rubicon Trail 2019

    Hello All, Wondering what your thoughts are on the "22nd Rubicon Trail 2019". Seems like a high price tag but thinking it's ok since this is an experience with guided spotters throughout and lots of peoples. I was there today on the McKinney side and tailgated a group of three decked out...
  10. High Fives / Peace

    Driving around reno/tahoe I noticed many lifted 4x high fiving me. I made a observation that lifted or mod jeeps especially so. I also noticed that most stock 4x/jeeps do not exhibit this behavior. Did I just join a cult?
  11. California Stock Rubi Wheels and Tires, and springs etc

    I lifted my Jeep using Mopar 2” so I have all the stock takeoffs for sell, including springs, arms, link, shocks. I have the stock wheels and 33” Goodyear’s (set of 5). Sensors not in the lot. This is all off a 2019 rubi at 756 miles. Thinking 1,500 for the lot. No damage. I wouldn’t know...