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  1. Wrangler 4xe Named Green SUV of the Year by 2021 Green Car Awards

    Any rough idea on the cost adder for a 4xe versus a 3.6 with 6spd?
  2. Steep driveway test

    How does the Jeep behave in first gear at 2H on this incline?
  3. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    Here is the thing: many buy Jeeps and then try to modify them either by themselves without the proper experience or by going to a cheap shop. Then when the Jeep gives them issues they start to question reliability. Honestly speaking if you have a lot of good experience in modifying yourself or...
  4. Hybrid is available for order today.

    My cousin in California is interested in buying a 4xe in as his commute one way is 60 plus miles (or 90 minutes). Just like my JLUR, his Jeep will probably never be used off road but he also likes the doorless/topless experience with the bigger tires, the look of a Steel Bumper, the Alpine Sound...
  5. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    I don't know, man. I get nervous standing on a plastic bumper of a $50k Jeep (reinforced with Steel or not). Maybe it is just for my peace of mind that I preferred the steel and you might be right. But I like to err on the side of caution. Plus it looks better than the plastic bumper IMHO (esp...
  6. Difficulty with 4Lo

    It used to happen to me also for a good three months. Eventually the grinding stopped and it gets into 4LO easier now versus before. I think it has to be broken into the same way you break into a motor the first 1200 miles. Never had an issue with my Transfer Case the 14 months I have now owned...
  7. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    Guess my question is if you ordered the Dual Top Group or not for your Rubicon? If you did, then I would recommend going to the Steel Bumpers. When swapping tops, I stand atop the steel bumper to get me better access. The Plastic Bumper may not be able to hold my weight (190 lbs).
  8. Would you trade JL for JT?

    Yes I would because I can use a flat bed to do things like get materials for the yard plus the house (Fertilizer, Cement, etc) and also take things like coal and a BBQ for the beach over the summer. I almost never take my JLUR off road and probably would have taken a JTR over a JLUR. It's too...
  9. What would you do to your Jeep with $5k?

    I'd get the upcoming Mopar Half Doors for $4k (before taxes) and then get some high end lighting work done for the $1k
  10. What should i build out of this?...

    Can always use it after hunting Turkeys in the wild. grab some ice and foam. Clean and Gut the Turkeys in the woods and then just put them in there for the ride home.
  11. It's a "Jeep Thing"!!!!!!!

    Hope the boy didn’t get an ass whooping for that one lol
  12. Excited!

    How did you get the pics? Wish I had them also when I was getting mine built. Welcome to the Jeep world! Did you get the Turbo 4 or the Pentastar btw?
  13. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    ehh......he will probably bitch about it for a couple of days and then be over it lmao.
  14. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I wanted my JLUR to be Yellow. Wife put an end to that. She said she is not driving a big fat Bumblebee around town. Instead she gave me only two choices: White or Black. I cried inside when I custom ordered it in White.
  15. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Those giving you a hard time for a Sahara are usually plain arrogant who probably think that Dana is some Girl's name. Bet you many of them don't even know when to put a Rubicon in 4LO or electronically disconnect a sway bar; let alone take it off road. You are a good fella and I have been...
  16. Moab Downfall

    Curious: how did you get to BC from WA when the border is closed? I also want to go to ON from NY but the border closure gets to me and I will like to go North for a weekend.
  17. It's a "Jeep Thing"!!!!!!!

    2020 JLUR with 4700 Miles (3.6 Pentastar without eTorque and 8 speed auto). Custom ordered July 2019 with almost everything in you can think of minus ACC. Was delivered Sept 2019. Jeep is mainly still factory stock. Only warranty work that is pending so far is the Steering Box (i have been...
  18. New Headlights Damage BCM?

    You warranty is waived only when a third party product is used for a repair rather than something from FCA/Mopar. example: say your 2019 Jeep needs a new starter and you take it to your mechanic. If your mechanic buys the replacement starter brand new from either FCA direct or an authorized...
  19. New Headlights Damage BCM?

    Agree! Tow it and take it to the personal mechanic that you trust! If you don’t have one, let me know. I can ask my cousin in Brampton for his. He lives near Bovaird and Airport.