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  1. What Is the REAL weakness in the ESS System?

    Now that I have mentioned it, it will probably die this weekend.
  2. Utah recommendations

    @Jeepeto very true. We camped a lot during the winter, but the summers are just too hot and humid. We would do it 20 years ago, but not now. The AluCab canopy camper does not have a bottom, so it is not a slide in. It has to be sealed with sikaflex, or similar, to keep dust out. With the fit...
  3. Utah recommendations

    I had an AluCab canopy camper on my JT for about two years and recently replaced it with just a canopy. We were not using it enough (~25 nights in 2022) to justify having it on all the time due to how it made the truck drive. If you camp a lot, they are great.
  4. Utah recommendations

    The Eaton elocker is about $1000. Not sure on the labor yet. I am also having chromoly axle shafts installed.
  5. Utah recommendations

    The really short wheelbase of the two-door almost worries me as much as the long wheel base and tail end of my JT. Both have benefited and hurt me in the past.
  6. Utah recommendations

    I am debating the same thing for my fall trip. Drive my Mojave with 3” lift and 37s, or drive my wife’s JLR on 35s, no lift. The Mojave would be a lot more comfortable driving from South Carolina, and it will have front lockers by then.
  7. What Is the REAL weakness in the ESS System?

    Does anyone know if a manual transmission would make a difference in the ESS battery life? My wife’s 2018 manual JLR has never had an issue with the ESS. Original batteries and she only has about 27,000 miles on it. Lots of short drives that should not charge the batteries much. My JTM has...
  8. What are you surprised Jeep DIDN'T include on the 2024?

    Dashboard duck starter kit. Only $99.99 for three ducks.
  9. Rear storage basket

    We put one of these in my wife’s two door. It works well...
  10. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    Not to make light of $7k, but you are letting your Jeep sit for five months rather than repairing it yourself and then going after Stelantis? Are you making payments on it? What is your plan when they continue to not fix it? Since it is unlikely they are going to do anything about it, get it...
  11. Clutch Fire (1 Day After Recall) Burns 2018 JLU to the Ground

    I had the recalls too and knew they would not help, hence the CF. I was lucky enough to get it installed before there was a problem, if there would have been at all. How much damage did it do to your Jeep?
  12. 1up Bike Rack with Reverse Side Plate Option is Perfect for JL!

    We have 1Up racks on our JL, JT, and Altima. The JT has a Kuat swing out too. With 35s on the JL, the door hits the rack, even with the Curt drop extension. I will looking to the 1Up flip plates option, that would be nice. I tried to put the Kuat on it but my wife does not want it. It makes the...
  13. Tow Hook Color

    We hate red so we replaced the red front and rear hooks on my wife’s Rubicon with orange hooks to match the stripe. Then we replaced the trail rated badge with one from a 392 for a better color. Then the hood decal went. She wanted to go with brown because the orange was too much for her. She...
  14. Oil leak

    Well, that mechanic is getting fired. Where do they find these idiots? (OP sheepishly raises his hand and admits he did it himself) I have changed the oil on this Jeep and my JT two or three times each. I have not made that mistake before and will not make it again. Thanks for helping out...
  15. Heated Auto Shifter Knob?

    So in other words, you reallly just riding around feeling like you have your hand on your d***. Didn’t you parents tell you that will stunt your growth?
  16. Oil leak

    I crawled under the jeep tonight to pull the drain plug. I noticed there was oil on just one side of the rear driveshaft. There was also oil spread down the passenger side of the undercarriage. I cannot imagine a leaking seal doing that, so I believe the diagnosis of it being the filter cap...
  17. Oil leak

    I will change the oil tomorrow and install a new filter. My concern is that there is oil around the seals (rear main seal?). If it is just the filter, I would think there would not be oil there.
  18. Oil leak

    i will check that tomorrow. Thanks.
  19. Oil leak

    Our 2018 JLR with 3.6 manual has developed an oil leak. I saw a puddle of oil in the garage yesterday so inspected today. it appears it is leaking at the front and back of the transmission. I also noticed some oil around the oil filter, so I thought maybe I just put too much oil in on the last...