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  1. $1000 to spend on your JL…

    Tailgate table. Use mine a ton when I’m at the beach.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Doorless for a bit. Always make sure I get a few doorless weeks in during the summer. Usually have the back doors on and car seats for my 4 and 2 year old.
  3. Portable Air Compressor ?

    Which model #? 2848-20? Might grab one to keep in the garage and throw in the back on beach days.
  4. Portable Air Compressor ?

    I have this one and blew a hole in the hose the first time I used it.
  5. Wheels Tires Shops in Burlington, MA

    Both of my Jeeps had a lift, 37s and other misc. parts done there and they've been top notch.
  6. Advice on Getting Naked

    You just can’t beat safari imo. I have a Spiderweb Shade over the back seats to keep my kids covered if I bring the top all the way back. It’s really great quality but I don’t like how it goes over the sport bar. Sometimes wind gets under it and it flaps, so I might swap it out for an Alien...
  7. Do you get unsolicited compliments on your Jeep?

    I get WAY more compliments on my 392 than I do in my 2019 CTS-V which I wouldn’t have guessed would happen. I’ve had people stop dead in their tracks in the parking lot when they hear the 392 fire up.
  8. 392 Wheels - anyone running them with no beadlock or beauty ring?

    KMC Technic. Never been a fan of the fake rings.
  9. Have you added up what you have spent on your JL

    Oh yeah nothing crazy. Probably the standard start for modding a Jeep - Lift, wheels, 37s, steering stabilizer, tazer. Probably missing a few odds and ends.
  10. Have you added up what you have spent on your JL

    For my 392 I bought everything at the same time, from the same place, and had it installed there so it was easy to see what the total was. Couple things I kept from my 2020 JLUR like CMM mirrors and tailgate table.
  11. Jeeps on the Beach... Post Em Up!

    Nice! I haven’t done Coast Guard Beach yet. I skipped the National Seashore pass this year just because it’s closed most of the summer. Maybe next year.
  12. Jeeps on the Beach... Post Em Up!

    Winter visit to Sandy Neck Beach in Cape Cod.
  13. A new customer to Jeep and already disappointed! Received Xtreme Recon wheels with 10 bolts (instead of advertised 25 bolts)

    Took me a while to figure out what you were even talking about. Would be a total non-issue for me if I had an XR. I'm not sure I'd even notice if I never saw this thread.
  14. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    KMC Technic
  15. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    I had 37” KO2s on my old 2020 JLU with 2.5” Metalcloak lift and really liked them. Good for what I needed them to be good at which was never anything extreme. Wanted to try something different for my 392 so I went with Ridge Grapplers. 2.5” Metalcloak lift again. Have only had them just about a...
  16. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Yup 2.5" and 37s. It'll probably settle some this pic was only a couple hours after the install.
  17. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Just got the Metalcloak 2.5 GC, 37” Nitto Ridge Grapplers, and KMC Technics done. Was getting dark when I got home but grabbed a pic.
  18. JL Rubi to 392?

    Went from a 2020 JLU Rubicon with the 3.6 to a 392. It was my first Jeep and I loved it but I was able to sell it for more than I paid for it so the upgrade made sense to me. The 392 is an absolute blast.
  19. Worth to snag ‘22 gobi 392 or wait?

    If you don’t care about price buy that Gobi and buy a soft top from Bestop.