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  1. Easter Egg - Fan Speeds

    While combing through the climate controls yesterday I found a new Easter Egg: The fan speed has 7 speeds... like 7 grill openings. Oh, it just continues to get better!
  2. Are wheel spacers needed to run 35s?

    I'm in the process of outfitting my 2021 JLR 2-door for running the Rubicon this summer. I'm going to mount Cooper Evolution M/T 35x12.5x17 tires on OEM Sport steel wheels. I'll keep my Rubicon aluminum wheels and BFG Ko2s for daily driving. The Coopers will be for the desert and Sierra. I...
  3. 2022 Jeepers Jamboree Rubicon Trail

    Register starting on 12/7/21 at 11:00AM for the Rubicon Trail. The clincher for me is the cost. $595 per person with a 2-person minimum... Then, be sure to wear 37" to 40" tires on your JL - that's all they accept - no 33", no 35". As you all know, 35" will fit a JL Rubicon with no...
  4. Nevada Sold: 2021 Rubicon Red Dash Panels

    Excellent condition OE 2021 Rubicon Red dash panels Includes both panels - left and right No fasteners except as pictured Pick up in Carson City, NV = $200.00 cash Ship UPS = $240.00 Zelle or USPS Money Order (will ship on receipt)
  5. Nevada Sold: 245/70x17 Bridgestone OE tires (4)

    Taken off 2018 JLU Sport at 8,500 miles Bridgestone M+S 245/70x17 tires (4) - mounted Jeep steel wheels 17x7.5 (4) - mounted TPMS sensors (4) - mounted 8,500 miles Pick up in Carson City, NV $140.00 cash
  6. Nevada Sold: 2018 JLU Sport Front Bumper

    2018 JLU Sport Front Bumper - Complete, 8,500 miles, great condition Plastic - no license plate holes Halogen fog lights, 2 - OE with bumper wiring Tow hooks, 2 - OE black Skid plate - plastic OE Frame brace - metal OE Right aero wing - plastic OE Left aero wing - plastic OE Frame rail cover...
  7. Hot cigarette lighter - how to wire?

    I’m installing a braking system in my 2018 JL so it can be flat towed behind my motor home. The braking contraption is powered by 12vdc through a lighter adapter. The OE cigarette lighter socket is powered only when in Run or Acc... so, naturally, I want to bypass that battery-draining feature...
  8. Redo of Steering TSB 08-074-20

    My dealership thinks I'm being too picky with the steering fix because I keep bringing my 2018 JLU Sport back to them after performing the steering TSB to, of all things, fix the steering. Today makes the 7th steering related visit since July when I bought the Jeep used with 8,500 road miles on...
  9. California Delete

    Nevada or California I live in Carson City and will travel to pickup the right set of OEM JLU fender flares. Prefer the Billet Silver color, but will consider any painted OEM JLU fender flares with associated parts. Can be Rubicon or the Sahara variants. DELETE TREAD