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  1. Mopar LCA swap

    No clue, never measured it.
  2. Tazer and TPMs light

    Tazer is set to 25. That’s as low as it will go. The tire pressure was at 29 when it tripped the light.
  3. Tazer and TPMs light

    Anyone else having issues with the TPMS light coming on even with the tazer set at 25psi? Seems like once a month or so I get the light on with the tires at 28 psi, if I kick it up to 30 and drive it it goes out. After that I can drop it back to 28 and it’s fine for a few weeks and then it does...
  4. What Did You Do To Improve The Luxury or Comfort Of Your Jeep?

    I am actually very interested to see how your project pans out. I have pretty severe tinnitus and I actually sold my Lj because I couldn’t physically drive it in because of the noise. I purchased the Jl because it is much quieter and I can still drive the Jeep to trails. I find mine is in the...
  5. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I am actually a Technical trainer for a large group of 700+ collision shops I cover all of the Midwest. I am Audi certified as well as just about any other OEM that has a certification. I train our guys in the shops on the proper ways to repair the cars.
  6. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    I am not positive but I believe the internal valving may be different on the Jk 2 door vs 4 door. I think they did away with that on the Jl and addressed this with the programming of the electric pump.
  7. Official Title: Too Many Damn Questions ;) F/K/A Opinions on Factory LED Package

    I will second the fact they are not very snow friendly. Other than that I wouldn’t buy one without them.
  8. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    I believe the play that you are showing in the video is the cause of the dead space on the wheel. I don’t necessarily think it is in the mesh of the sector shaft gears. And I agree with you also on the fact the electric pump is “dumb” it may increase and decrease flow biased on rpm and I believe...
  9. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    Excessive play in the box has zero to do with solid axels. I will go as far as to say I have owned 50+ vehicles with solid axels and they don’t drive like my Jl. It is 100% possible to have a solid axel and have good steering. I have 5 solid axel vehicles in my driveway right now that prove that.
  10. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    What I would actually like to see is if someone with a Jl that they say steers “great” posts up a video of how much the input shaft on the top of the box rotates before the sector shaft on the bottom moves. And then the same on one with sloppy steering. Documenting the difference between the two...
  11. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    I am a trainer for a large group of collision shops, I am actually at the point I am considering ordering a few of the new boxes and doing some bench testing and pick the one that’s the best. I am also waiting on receiving a used JK box, from what I can tell they look almost exactly alike. The...
  12. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    I would consider myself pretty handy and although I might not build Jeeps for a living I do build some high hp cars and know my way around fabrication and what it takes to make a 3000 HP car go down the road straight. After owning several Jeep Tj/Ljs I would be thrilled if my 2020 Jl drove half...
  13. The unresolved steering issues: Would this get Jeep's attention?

    Anything is worth a shot but honestly it’s been 3 years and they still haven’t fixed it, they probably won’t anytime soon. But I agree the more noise that happens over it the more likely it will be they fix it. If it hurts sales you bet your ass they will figure out what the issue is, as long as...
  14. Daily Driver Mods?

    When you made the adjustments to the gear box any idea how far you turned the adjusting but? 1/8-1/4 turn?
  15. Steering box to frame reinforcement idea

    Funny thing about they is I am actually a BMW certified structural tech and I happen to have access to some structural foam!
  16. Steering box to frame reinforcement idea

    If you were to build a plate that contours the outside of the frame and attach the gussets to that plate, you could then enlarge the holes on the outside portion of the frame only, then install the plate. The gussets would bottom out in the inside of the frame and when you bolt through the outer...
  17. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Anyone ever look at what it would take to swap in a Jk box? It’s cast iron and looks pretty damn close to me from what I can tell in pictures.
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Is it or any of the other sensors providing feedback to the power steering pump to change the percentage of flow going to the box?