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  1. Adhesive Rocker Panel Guards??

    You could use a Bedliner material, spray or roll. Mask, prep, apply. Would look good, thick enough to absorb chips
  2. Harbor Freight Jackstand recall!

    If anyone finds " Made in the USA" ,with American steel, please share. Beware " Assembled in USA", A lot of companies that you thought were " made in USA" are actually " made in China " with the USA label.
  3. Anyone from here attend this? "Nearly 200 people arrested, two shot during the 'Go Topless Jeep Weekend"

    This story is dated May 19, 2020. Texas re- opened beaches on May 1st. A magnet for the Stupid, worse than last year.
  4. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Overlay the sound with a recording of a burbling V8, like Ford does with the 4 cylinder Mustang....
  5. Any production line employees here?

    Even better, be allowed to see it proceed down the assembly line, in person. And drive it home, saving the $1500 delivery fee
  6. Jeep Died

    What trim level is a " Sierra" ? Sounds Toyota- ish ...
  7. Anyone else have OCD or Quirky behavior?

    Ah, the Smell of a New Jeep in the Morning ! With 3 German Shepherds, that didn't last long. Glass and Door Jambs must be clean. Ditto Rear Camera Start, disable ESS ; reset odometer , release parking brake. Sirius volume, even numbers. Garage door , visual down.. Like a PreFlight..
  8. Any aftermarket under-hood mods that use the Engine Beauty Cover mounting brackets?

    So the " Modesty Cover" can be removed, is it just for noise abatement ? I would think engine heat dissipation would improve too.
  9. Jeep will not start after flooding. Need HELP!

    Use of a hair dryer to remove moisture from harness connectors, clean, reassemble as noted above. Even a little resistance in a circuit can cause problems, once its dried out, hope its good. What engine , ?
  10. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Ford has sold more Wranglers by creating " Bronco Fatigue", the constant delays have people tired of waiting for " coming soon" , only to be punted into an uncertain future. Considering Ford's stock valuation, "Bronco" may never materialize.
  11. Has anyone noticed, changes in option pricing and available options.

    It takes two to Tango ; as long as people pay the inflated prices, any business will keep raising those prices.
  12. Anyone using the Rubicon EP hitch tent?

    I didn't see the weight shown, but like the concept. A spare tire would move the tongue weight further back, meaning more leverage, changing balance point. Plus, rear access off limits with this in place. A quick up/ down T4 Gazelle, with standing headroom, is compact and so much less expensive...
  13. Falling trade in values?

    Since China holds Trillions of US debt, we should charge off the economic costs against that. Zero debt. Can't begin to figure cost of human lives... Every country in debt to China needs to cancel interest payments now..
  14. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    A Mojave, 2 door, manual with the 2.0T, base ( no power windows, locks) would be REAL FUN.
  15. Making functional Hood Vents....maybe?

    Are the new Mojave hoods different ? Export models to Saudi, Australian Outback ?
  16. IIHS rollover test?

    Back to JL Bashing, a relief from "he said " bashing ; if the JK passed this test, lets see that test video, and damage aftermath, and compare the two. The frame flare out, and suspension component attachment points " may " have caused the lift, and roll.
  17. Rugged Ridge Tow Harness installed, no trailer tail lights

    Not to be a NitPicker, but the harness is grounded, right ? Test with meter, fuse and ground, just to be sure, power to Logic Box ?
  18. Rugged Ridge Tow Harness installed, no trailer tail lights

    This flat four harness ran power to the battery, correct ? And there is an online fuse on that power wire ? Check to see if fuse is present, and not blown ?
  19. Gazelle T4 Tent

    I just ordered a T3, the 6'x6' footprint will go on my 416 trailer platform, and 5'8" headroom good. Liking that PVC storage Pipe idea, can't wait to get it
  20. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    Removing foam from the seat bottom, replacing it with a different density, or even 2 density layers, might give you that 2-3" needed. Welding/ altering seat brackets could be a safety / liability issue