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  1. Metal Cloak or Synergy?

    For the steering I'd go with Synergy. Those 3 items you point out will be compatible with a future lift kit. You also have SteerSmarts as a good option a lot of guys run for steering. The MC parts are new, and not seen a lot of reviews yet. MC stuff is solid so I expect them to be a good...
  2. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    All put back together and swapped front factory diff cover for the MC and realized I am out of gear oil. One more hurdle and ready to go :mad:
  3. Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

    First does the hole in the bushing look like it's inline with the zerk? You can also remove the zerk and probe it with water.
  4. Hit a pothole dash lights on

    Check all fuses and relays they are fully seated under the hood.
  5. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Working on it. Got front arms and drag link adjusted and now working on tie-bar to get the ends set within tolerance. I have no idea what they did as it should have been remove and re-install without having to adjust a thing. Last will be skids. You doing trails that need skids plates?
  6. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Got it back and working to get all the front end adjusted properly again. Dealership has the Synergy tiebar and draglink all mis-adjusted (safe lengths on double adjusters all too long) as well as left my engine/trans skids off as "we couldn't get them to fit" They also seemed to have...
  7. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Yes, and the upper frame side uses captive nuts so easy, and the axle side has quite a bit of clearance to get to.
  8. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    If you get a chance I'd loosen the front UCA bolts while jeep on ground and re-torque them. The factory arms do not use free floating bushings but vulcanized rubber and they will tear if over rotated. The loosening is not to get more droop but to release the bushing.
  9. Seeking up travel, thoughts on Bilstein 7100s?

    They sell service parts for Bilstein so I suspect they might be able to help.
  10. Seeking up travel, thoughts on Bilstein 7100s?

    I'd give the guys at AccuTune a call and see what they suggest.
  11. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    Same here the 2 days advertised has become "2 days shipping once they are available"
  12. Wires for Aux. switches on Rubicon

    Should be in two place - one up between battery and fender sheet metal. They will be tied/taped up. The other set under the instrument cluster. Both are the same, Aux1..Aux4. Combined amp draw for both not to exceed circuit rating (40A or 15A depending on which Aux) I added one of these...
  13. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    I'm supposed to be getting my Jeep back tomorrow with new front axle so if that happens, and not further delayed, we might be joining you (son and I)
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Good to know. Those Falcons have a reputation for being firm/stiff/harsh and good to know thats not always the case.
  15. LOD vs Ace rock silders

    DO IT!
  16. LOD vs Ace rock silders

    LOD Destroyers.
  17. Tire rotation interval?

    Check out the thread here on the extended length filters - highly recommended. And Pennsoil Platinum and an extended filter is a whopping $35 on Amazon. Set it up on subscribe and save to arrive every 4 months (adjust based on your driving amount) and you are set.
  18. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    With 37's you likely will want gears. But you can always give the JB4 a try and see how you think it runs. I also did buy the JB4 app, you need to do so for the Bluetooth to work. I will get it dyno tested when done with the engine build.
  19. Using a flashlight mount for my element E50 Fire Extinguisher

    What mount is that?
  20. Tire rotation interval?

    I do it every oil change.