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  1. Superchips Pulsar programmer/ performance Jeep JL 2018-2019

    Can u disable stability control with this
  2. Road armor 50” led bar and rough country blackdouble row with drl

    Recently installed the road armor 50” light bar mount and the rough country black series double row led with drl i would recommend anyone doing this to do a 52” light bar and make sure you do your test fitting aka bending before paint. Or Powdercoating. I quickly mocked it up when i. First got...
  3. Anybody with aftermarket brake pads installed?

    No squealing as of yet i burned through some green stuff pads in 6 months on my ecobeast so i would never do them again. Orange stuff for president
  4. Rear reflector change to brake light mod

    Im gonna look into this option
  5. 26k brake fluid flush

    Yeah ive never seen it that brown before its only 2 years old i switched to lucas racing synthetic dot 3 and will see if it holds up any better
  6. Anybody with aftermarket brake pads installed?

    I did the powerstop z36 extreme duty yesterday even with them still besding in they are better. I emailed ebc last week they returned my email sayin that the rotors and pads are here and will be on the market soon. Their dimpled slotted rotors and orange stuff pads are great used them on my...
  7. 26k brake fluid flush

    Just pads at the moment the z36 extreme duty. Ebc is set to release their rotors and orange stuff pads very soon but weren’t available right now
  8. 26k brake fluid flush

    I dont think so. I drive alot of aggressive highway driving so i chalked it up to that. I replaced with lucas synthetic dot3 supposed to have a higher temp Rating we will see
  9. 26k brake fluid flush

    I changed my brakes to something with a lil nore stopping power so I figured i would flush the fluid and it was brown. Like new motor oil brown any one else run into this :whatsgoingon::whatsgoingon:
  10. Rear reflector change to brake light mod

    The post originator told me that the bumper does have to come off its only a couple bolts im gonna do it soon. Waiting for the nice weather.
  11. Rear reflector change to brake light mod

    I bought these im trying to figure out how the old reflectors come out i put a screwdriver around the edges but it doesn’t seem to wanna come out that way
  12. The loudest exhaust on a JL

    If you want just annoying and loud then get the flowmaster outlaw it was obnoxious i took it off after a week
  13. Jeep jlu injen exhaust

    Anybody running this injen exhaust setup. And if so is there a drone and does it sound good
  14. 50" light bar

    Thank you
  15. All Aboard.....THE GRAVY TRAIN

    You really use your jeep thats great
  16. 50" light bar

    How did this all fit i just bought this for my jl having it painted white to match. Did this go together nice i got the 50” dual rough country black series with the drl
  17. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    I like the s&b and the volant because its easer to maintain the filter some of these intakes you have to remove the box to do The maintenance
  18. Remote Start Heating

    I would also be interested to know if it can be programmed for both seats to come on