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  1. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Yes, I meant the relocation kit works great and the view is just like factory. I dont know about forum discounts, but LoD was great to work with. And as I demonstrated above, I wont just say that about every purchase. LoD was great.
  2. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Fuel color matched per my instructions. But honestly - Fuel was a disaster to work with and I'd never do it again. After waiting 8 weeks for my custom painted wheels, they shipped my off-the-shelf unpainted wheels. This was after claiming six weeks in that they had 4 wheels done but found a...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I like the storage crates. Brand? Link?
  4. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    it seems like you could. The 4 sensors are on the same wiring harness as the license plate lights. So I think you would just zip tie them out of the way somewhere and use the switch on the dash to turn them off. That switch remembers its last position so you don't have to manually turn them...
  5. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Fuel Anza Beadlocks. Wheels painted Sting Gray. Beadlock rings painted matte black.
  6. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Well first, congrats on getting the diesel after your agonizing wait. So the sensors work perfectly, but . . . I currently have the 37s mounted as low as possible. Gives great sightlines out the rearview mirror - and sets off the rear sensors. If I mount the tire up another inch or so the...
  7. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    The JL install is easier and fairly obvious when you see it. No drilling required on a JL.
  8. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    It seems to handle the 37" with ease. The engineering they put into this to get everything locked firmly in place when the tailgate is closed, seems to have worked awesomely. I'm surprised at how low in the rear view mirror the 37" tire is. Great external visibility. It rides dead quiet...
  9. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Thanks! There's a lot of "anthracite gray" and other wheels that look close. But I wanted exact. I had the rings painted matte black because this rig will get wheeled hard eventually, and I figured matte black would be easy to touch up, and I like the contrast with the main wheel.
  10. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    And just got the cube lights installed in the rear bumper and wired to the factory upfitter switches.
  11. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Here's where it stands for now.
  12. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Here's mine after two weeks of ownership. All work done by myself. Wheels are Fuel Anza Beadlocks custom painted Sting Gray with matte black beadlock rings. Bumpers and tire carrier are all LoD Offroad. 37" x 12.5" Milestar Patagonias.
  13. Start of 3.0 Production

    I hate to be a naysayer, but the Jeep I had ordered and which was built and sent to shipping back around January 26th still hasn't been shipped to my dealer - 70 miles from the Toledo plant. I don't think almost anyone will be taking delivery for another month.
  14. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    With pic.
  15. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Added some bits from Quadratech. I know it's not DOT, but I'm using this instead of the factory center light. With a 37 on the back I need all the rear view I can get.
  16. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Yesterday morning I took delivery of my custom painted Fuel Anza true Beadlock wheels. I'm using a Teraflex 1.5" spacer lift for the moment. Front pics only for now. Still needto install the rear lift and tires.
  17. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Last Saturday, eight days ago, I drove from near Ann Arbor, MI to LoD Offroad outside of Lafayette IN. Picked up front and rear bumpers and their tire carrier. The engineering on the LoD Offroad products blew me away!!!! They thought of everything. This was the best engineered mod I think...
  18. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    So I picked up a new JLUR 10 days ago. This will be my wife's daily driver and she "doesn't want a stinking girl Jeep." (No offense to the ladies here.) Here's what I brought home.
  19. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Just joined the club last week. And the mods have already begun!!!
  20. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Just picked up my new JLUR last Wednesday. Took this pic in the first day of ownership . . .