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  1. Engine light and ESS trouble

    It is on the driver's side of the engine. You need to take the engine cover off. Photo shows the EGR valve connector being unplugged.
  2. SmartStopStart ESS Override confirmed compatible with 2023 JL models

    This approach is not feasible because the switch is built directly into (soldered into) a computer module on the Wrangler JL and is not accessible with a connector. Our product actually does simulate a button press, it just does it via one of the CAN bus networks in the vehicle.
  3. Magnuson Supercharger installed. Any questions?

    I am sorry to hear about your experience, Colorado. Were you running the latest Magnuson tune or some other tune?
  4. vacuum for boost gauge

  5. Loose tube needs identifying

    Heat from operation will pressurize the air in the differential. If it is not vented, it can blow the axles seals out or cause fluid to seep from the axle seals.
  6. SmartStopStart ESS Override confirmed compatible with 2023 JL models

    SmartStopStart has been confirmed to be compatible with all 2018 through 2023 JL models and engines except the 4xe. SmartStopStart is a popular and easy to install Engine Stop Start (ESS) memory module that always restores your last setting for the ESS override button. Built to rugged...
  7. Question about wire gauge on 40 amp factory installed aux switches 1 and 2

    40A is not a problem for the quite short 12 gauge wiring harness runs from the fusebox to the wires under the hood and under the dash, especially for automotive grade insulation which has a higher temperature rating than typical residential wire. If you are actually drawing close to 40 Amps...
  8. Autostop Eliminator vs SmartStopStart -- not Tazer

    They are different circuits and software ultimately doing something quite similar. Again, anyone on the Forum wanting SmartStopStart contact me for a price match.
  9. Autostop Eliminator vs SmartStopStart -- not Tazer

    They are completely different designs that basically do similar functions. Our advantage is we design to automotive industry quality standards, our product is waterproof and environmentally sealed, it uses one less connector so there is one less point of failure, and our unit never misses a...
  10. Autostop Eliminator vs SmartStopStart -- not Tazer

    Rhinebeck01 is simply a very satisfied customer and had tested our product at its inception. We have no affiliation. We also have a policy for forum members of matching price on request, so if you want our product contact me ([email protected]) for this discount. BTW, our product's...
  11. JEEP HACKING CAN-C / CAN-IHS / UDS ! (Reverse Engineering)

    These terminals can be reliably soldered if you practice a bit. I often do that for very low volume work. Strip about 1/8" of the wire. Then use long nose pliers to first wrap the 2 rear tongs around the insulation. Get a cheap 'third hand' twin alligator clip holder to support the assembly...
  12. JEEP HACKING CAN-C / CAN-IHS / UDS ! (Reverse Engineering)

    Brake pedal pressure is definitely detected by the system. I do not know though if that data is available over CAN or in any way accessible though I expect it would be. It would be great if the parameters were programmable, but even if not, they probably can be spoofed.
  13. JEEP HACKING CAN-C / CAN-IHS / UDS ! (Reverse Engineering)

    SmartStopStart for Jeep is totally CAN based. I was the first out there with ESS override for Jeeps in 2016. The ESS override switch and associated LED are an integral part of a CANbus switch module, so there were no wires to tap into without physically modifying a closed module. Yes, I am...
  14. JEEP HACKING CAN-C / CAN-IHS / UDS ! (Reverse Engineering)

    For your example, you would need some extra electronics to roll the window down. The Wrangler is one of the few modern vehicles that still has direct window control not through the CANbus. The window switch modules do have some very limited smarts, but they are not network connected. Kudos...
  15. Remote Start Quit working

    SmartStopStart is compatible with FlashCal, (just reverse the ESS disable on Flashcal.) and no remote start problems.
  16. Window Auto up modification

    Unfortunately since I wrote that in 2019, my wife passed away and I stopped development for quite a while, Covid hit and then the semiconductor shortage has made most automotive grade chips nearly unobtainable. I am still stocking and shipping SmartStopStart, but I am way behind on many new...
  17. Auto windows (Up & Down)

    Glad to see an option out there for those who were waiting. Please though, if you have small children or pets riding in the car, think twice about this product because it likely does not have auto reversing when the windows rise. These windows go up with over 80 pounds of force and can be...
  18. Auto windows (Up & Down)

    Still a pretty good chance...eventually. Unfortunate family circumstances forced all development of new products to halt early last year. The plan is to resume the work already started on this and other products this year, but I cannot promise availability dates at this time.
  19. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    Agreed, quite a few people are bothered by the warning light. Also, some people want the capability to turn the ESS feature temporarily back on at times from the cabin, such as in heavy stop and go traffic, where it might actually save a measurable amount of gas.
  20. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    If you have SmartStopStart installed and manually re-enable ESS, SmartStopStart WILL re-enable ESS. If ESS does not kick in it could be because the the battery is a little low or the cabin temperature has not been reached, or the outside temperature is too low or quite a few other reasons that...