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  1. Self tapping bolt broken head — what to do?

    Get a dremel and start grinding it out with a small bit. After enough material is removed it should come out probably in pieces.
  2. Why Are 2-Doors Fun to Drive?

    My 2021 2dr Rubicon is an absolute blast! It’s my everyday driver…21 mpg! It’s my 4x4 sports car…it’s quick! It’s my tow rig….pulls my flatbed. It’s my 4-wheel drive off-road BEAST!!!
  3. Boggles my mind

    You need to stop looking at these ridiculous posts that most of them are regurgitated from Jeep haters that post on the Internet. I bought my 2021 jeep Rubicon with the 3.6 L engine almost 2 years ago and have 30,000 hard 4 wheeling miles. The jeep is absolutely bulletproof well-made with...
  4. Rubicon Take off Question

    How can you tell from the numbers? Is there a list or chart for the springs and shocks?
  5. Negativity

    Nice Jeep, I like them with a very small lift and slightly oversized tire but mostly stock.
  6. 8 speed auto in 22' JL was impressive

    Love my 3.6L E-torque! It’s quick…especially off the line!
  7. High Mile Jeep JL’s ???

    I would love to hear from people who have high miles on their JL Wranglers or Gladiators! How are they holding up? Any future issues to look out for?
  8. First scheduled service at 7K miles - dealer says I need a $400 scheduled service, threatened to void new car warranty

    Do not let your first oil change go 7K miles! I changed mine at 1K then again at 3K. Then every 5K…
  9. Clunk, Click noise When turning left or right (low speed)

    I just tightened all four of my ball joints on my 2021 Rubicon and the “clicking”stopped.

    Wow, good to know about the housing!
  11. 3.6L “Tick” Rocker Arm Failure.

    Just got in contact with a Mopar mechanic and he said it’s really rare to see this failure in the JL’s. Maybe they are using different metal???
  12. 3.6L “Tick” Rocker Arm Failure.

    I only have about 20,000 miles and my engine is solid. I’m trying to figure out if they came out with an updated rocker arm that has fixed the issue. This particular engine is very mass-produced so I would imagine they got it figured out.
  13. 3.6L “Tick” Rocker Arm Failure.

    Does it go away quickly after oil pressure builds? How many miles?
  14. 3.6L “Tick” Rocker Arm Failure.

    Has anyone with the newer Jeep JL’s experience this problem?
  15. 3.6L Cold Start Valve Tap-Normal Or A Problem?

    Any further updates on your Jeep Sir?
  16. To modify or not modify your JL or any generation, for that matter,

    I’m keeping my 2021 Jeep Rubicon 2 door as stock as possible. I added a warn winch and possibly 35 inch tires this summer. To me a stock Rubicon looks so sexy!
  17. Don't ignore any warnings about your health or you will not be able to drive your Jeep like me right now!

    It pains me to hear anybody Suffering from the medical condition. I will pray for you sir. 🙏
  18. 2dr Rubicon 3.6L E-torque gas mileage?

    Yeah, that makes sense…idling will kill the average.