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  1. Big Bear Trails

    I am planning on moving out of the Vegas area in a few months and want to run as many of the nearby Badge of Honor trails as I can before then. These include the trails at Big Bear. Does anyone have any plans on running these trails within the next couple months? Mind if I tag along? Rig...
  2. Nevada Sold: American Adventure Labs Rubicon fender chop kit

    Skip the 12 week wait. Brand New AAL fender chop kit. I mocked up one light but decided to use the Quake kit instead. Harnesses to prevent turn signal out error/fast blink are included. The other light and hardware are still taped up in bubble wrap. $375 shipped USPS priority mail within...
  3. J.T. Brooks Tire Deflators

    Lately I have seen several Instagram folks touting these deflators. Has anyone here used them? I like the idea of the Pro series, as I tend to air down to different pressures depending on what terrain I'm on (15 for trails, 10 for rock/sand) and these look like a simple way to get it done...
  4. Nevada Sold: 2020 JLUR Suspension FREE

    Stock suspension from my 2020 JLUR 2.0 NON Etorque for free. All links, springs, shocks. Around 3500 miles on it. Must be picked up in Henderson, NV.
  5. Nevada Sold: Mopar Wheel Locks

    Set of 5 Mopar wheel locks and key/socket for sale. Removed from JLUR with ~4500 miles on the odometer. Wont work with my aftermarket wheels. $40 shipped within US
  6. Nevada Sold: Factory Rubicon LED Fog Lights

    Price dropped 8/15 OEM LED fog lights from a 2020 JLUR. Removed at ~4500 miles and they do not fit my aftermarket bumper. Work perfect, but have a few tiny pit marks on the lens from bugs/rocks. $100 shipped USPS Priority Mail within CONUS. I'm new here but you can search my username on the...