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  1. Jeep ordered now for the charger

    +1 for the Grizzl-e charger here. I bought the smart version but the "smart" features are really not really very useful - the basic classic version is more than fine. Only drawback of this brand is it includes a very short cord (like 1.5 ft).
  2. FYI for Grizzl-E Smart owners

    Thanks for sharing! Will check mine tomorrow
  3. Edmunds Jeep 4xe Review | A More Efficient Wrangler?

    The biggest positive surprise for me on my 4XE was just how QUIET it really is. The power/torque/electric efficiency were known and expected, but it just drives really really smoothly.
  4. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Another guy here who traded his Mojito for a Hydro Blue - I REALLY liked the mojito but the Hydro is really awesome in person as well. I think the color really suits the 4xE's mojo and the accents quite well - no regrets! Will miss the green but the 4xe in blue is just really cool....
  5. Which level 2 charger to get?

    Update - Got my Jeep last week and have charged probably 15+ times now with no issue with my Grizzl-E smart charger. It's running on the latest firmware as well. I'm running mine at 24 amps since I re-used a 30amp line I had run from a 2 post lift install previously. Still charges very fast...
  6. Hypermiling the 4xe's e-range

    Impressive! In my first several trips, I've been averaging 25-26 with my Rubicon. We live in a hilly area and some of that is highway driving so I could easily see how you could be at 30+ on flat roads in a Sahara.
  7. Edmunds Jeep 4xe Review | A More Efficient Wrangler?

    Same thinking I had! I also applied the same logic when contemplating trading in my '19 Moab....if I can move into a Jeep 2 model years newer with more options (Rubicon, SOT, advanced safety, steel bumpers, tow group) for roughly 3500 out of pocket after credit...why NOT?!
  8. Got 392 Wheel Questions?

    Anyone happen to have the mopar OEM part number for these and/or a source to buy them? Love the look of these and would like to consider for my 4xE.
  9. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Quick timeline for ours, took delivery yesterday of our 4XE Rubicon! 5/15: Ordered 5/18: VIN 5/23: Build Sheet 6/18: Released from inspection, Sticker Found 6/30: Arrived at dealer
  10. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    Really interesting thread, thanks for bringing this up, OP! We've got some 'short' road trips coming up this weekend, will have to try this out for sure. I too noticed on the way home from the dealer that e-save (or perhaps shifting into manual mode?) is the most efficient for highway driving.
  11. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    After approximately 7 weeks from order, we picked ours up yesterday! Really really liking the color choice. Here she is, nearly fully loaded Hydro Blue Rubicon 4XE with Leather, SOT, Safety/Advanced safety, Steel bumpers, cold weather, Tow package, Cargo management
  12. Leon Travis at Criswell Jeep...highly recommend!

    FYI I was told the same recently but got a follow up email toward month end bumping the offer to 5% :)
  13. Leon Travis at Criswell Jeep...highly recommend!

    Kate Morris - she’s been great and very friendly to work with. Came at the recommendation of this forum. Feel free to PM for any questions. Now is certainly the time to trade with values still sky high. :)
  14. First Time Jeep Owner Experience

    Had no idea we have so many Tesla/Jeep crossovers here.....+1 on the fantastic experience with the Model 3 performance...for anyone looking for a longer range/commuter it's definitely worth a test drive.
  15. Leon Travis at Criswell Jeep...highly recommend!

    Leon is a great guy! I didn't buy mine through him, since a local dealer (Courtesy Jeep) came very close in pricing and had outstanding trade value, but referred a good buddy of mine to him and was very happy with the process and transaction.
  16. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just got email notification that my build sticker was found! Awesome. Of course when I click the link isn't working yet, but from what I've read here it may take a few hours for it to update. Either way, excited! Ordered 5/15, Built on 5/28, Went into "Storage" (apparently waiting on a chip)...
  17. My 2019 JL Wrangler to 2021 4xe Rubicon Upgrade Experience

    Love reading these experience stories as I'm awaiting the arrival of my 4xE! Definitely builds up excitement and anticipation for those of us 'in the queue.' :) Keep them coming... I'll be coming from my 2019 Moab - I'll miss the Mojito for sure as I LOVE that color but primary reasons for the...
  18. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Same here, JS since 5/28- my dealer has said it's waiting on a "Chip" which makes 0 sense since it's already been built. Wondering if it's another accessory like the trail rail management system or something?
  19. Best 4XE Dealers?

    Another vote for Kate here! still waiting for mine to be delivered but she has been great to work with. Received a great value on trade as well
  20. Which level 2 charger to get?

    Another grizz-le smart owner here - I have mine installed but waiting on my 4xE delivery to test. Fingers crossed mine functions normally, you guys have me a little worried now. :) also agree the portal/interface is a bit old school. I too couldn’t resist the smart option for a minimal...