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  1. Soft top boot

    Anyone noticed the use of the soft top boot wearing the soft top? The boot cover fits really tight. I might discontinue the use of it, even though it looks good.
  2. Soft top durability?

    I have both the hard top and soft top. I have had no problems with the hard top and minor issues with the soft top. The soft top when driving over 50MPH, the left window bulges out. For now the securing devices or tabs are okay, but I do notice they are starting to wear out as it is made out of...
  3. Soft top Owners—where do you keep your windows?

    Do all 3 windows fit in it? How much?
  4. Soft Top window blowing out

    In my vehicle, my right window panel bulges out when driving over 50. The opposite side is fine. Might be the window panel or the cables inside the top are defective or not properly installed.
  5. Secure storage in trunk ?

    Yup, I have encountered this issue. I am glad to hear they are coming up with a part as I would like to use it with both tops.
  6. Squeal when starting JL?! **UPDATE NEW PROBLEM**

    My JL has 3500 miles and up to this dates the squeal continues. Took it in and they state they don’t hear it. It randomly happens in the hot or cold It’s a bit annoying. I will have them write it up every time I go in for service if it continues.