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  1. Virginia Sold: Borla Sport axle back exhaust $350

    This has been on my Jeep about 6 months and 6000 miles, I’m going to try something different. Its stainless steel as I didn’t want to worry about the paint chipping. I’d prefer not to ship as its so expensive, but I still have the original box it came in and if buyer pays for the shipping I can...
  2. A/C works with the switch off

    I have a 2021 with the 8.4” Uconnect and the automatic temperature control. I normally drive home from work with the ac off and windows open, but today it was just too hot. I had the ac on and everything works/cools really good. When i turned up my driveway I turned the ac switch off (indicator...
  3. Install 2 door Rubicon springs on a 2 door JL S questions

    I have been searching the site a few days now and cant find much on this swap. I have a ‘21 2 door anniversary 2.0 engine with tow package and springs/shocks (and Mopar lift LCA’s) from a ‘21 Rubicon with steel bumper, tow package, hard top and 3.6 etorque. Will this give me the 1.5” lift the...