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  1. Montana 2021 Rubicon(12k miles) well upgraded

    2021 Rubicon. Granite Crystal Metallic. Sticker has stock options. Less than 12k miles as of listing. Upgrades (woof): 3.5 Clayton lift (All 8 arms, front and rear adj track bars.) Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks. Falcon steering stabilizer Steer Smart drag link Steer Smart Tie rod Fuel 17 inch...
  2. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    I agree, it looks really good behind your Jeep! We're lucky to have cool options on the market, and all the little nuances of each one to fit how different people use them. I will say, I would not be able to use my X3 at 74. Folding over the tent portion is pretty arduous and even at a fit 38 I...
  3. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    Those are cool trailers, I looked at them as well. I don't think it's fair to say its apples to apples though; such as it's better AND cheaper. The suspension of the two aren't really comparable. The frame isn't galvanized steel or as robust. X3 fits a 75L fridge, 10 more Gallons of water...
  4. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    40L of water, 200Ah battery power, heated water, great kitchen/outdoor space, queen size bed, fast setup. It's worth it if you use it a lot. I had a Sprinter, and I feel there is more value in the Patriot.
  5. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    That may be Aus$. I think I was closer to 70k fully outfitted or so, if I remember correctly. THey aren't cheap, and they have some faults, like their water access and lack of heating. But they are really well built
  6. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    I got an x3 last summer and love it. Tows excellent and is very functional. Enjoy!
  7. Anderson plug wiring...

    Correct. Unless there is a setting I haven't found (let me know if you learn something), when the 7 pin is plugged into your vehicle the house lights/water are locked out. I assume it's so you don't leave them running while driving for some sort of protection. I do not have an Anderson plug...
  8. Anderson plug wiring...

    As an X3 Owner, the RedArc system seperates the charging the house batteries from the 7 pin system that will run the trailer brakes/lights. I don't know, I guess it's an Aussie thing. @Wiredit, something I also learned frustratingly, when the 7 pin is connected to the vehicle the Redarc control...
  9. Anderson plug wiring...

    Any solutions on this? I have an X3 I tow behind my Wrangler. I haven't been using the Anderson plug to charge bc I haven't installed one on the Jeep same as you but I've been thinking about it. By the way, you'll love the X3. I enjoyed the heck out of mine
  10. Ended Discussion. Request Thread Delete.

    I recently canceled my Bronco order and ordered a 392 instead. My uncle ordered the identical spec Bronco as I had 16 months after I ordered mine and he got his while my order was still unscheduled. OK Ford, you lost me. Plus, the Jeep is better for me anyway, just wanted to try something new
  11. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    I wouldn't hesitate to daily an XR package. I drive my JL on 37 MT's and 5:13's almost every day and let my TRX sit in the garage. I just enjoy driving it, but I also appreciate the ruggedness of the ride as well, others may not.
  12. 392XR vs Shelby GT 500

    I'd go GT500 all day.
  13. Let's talk winches folks

    Newman had a steel cable, and he didn't get out. So obviously if he had a synthetic line we would have dino's running wild to this day! 😂
  14. Best wheels for JLUR Granite Gray?

    a dark rim (granite/anthracite/charcoal) with a polished ring would look good.
  15. MT vs. Off-Road Tires

    Not to complicate things here, but I noticed some Gladiators on the lot yesterday with Falken At's. Maybe it's a Gladiator thing....or a Mojave thing? That looks like a really nice tire too.
  16. Help Jeep pick a new color

    F8 Green on a Wrangler would get my money no questions asked
  17. Sting Gray vs New Earl Gray

    Based on your description there, I think the Sting Grey may have bugged you a bit. Or you would just be running a polish a lot, lol. That's the beauty of a Jeep, White, Grey, Green, they can all have personality.
  18. Sting Gray vs New Earl Gray

    Well, a swirl is in the clear coat layer. Flat colors don't have the the metalics that change the light reflection (I'm sure someone can describe that better) which helps mask the swirls. The flat primer like colors just show them a bit more. I offroaded my Sting Grey JLUR pretty good and it...
  19. Sting Gray vs New Earl Gray

    Well, I've done two vehicles in ceramic coating, yes. Essentially you scratch the glass coating and not the paint. I don't know why, but I didn't love the coating. I have hard water (even though I run through a softner and a built in Deionizer) and ceramic coatings are susceptible to spotting...