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  1. Massachusetts Sold: Factory Soft Top from 2020 JLU

    Recently traded my 2020 Sport S and have the factory soft top and all hardware. Tinted windows, it’s the Twill material also included in the soft windows bag located in North Shore of Massachusetts 1500 or best offer Mike B
  2. Arizona For Sale - Window Storage Bag for Soft Top JL

    Is it still available? how much to ship it to 01915? I’m very interested MikeB
  3. Massachusetts For Sale Brand New 2019 4dr Premium Soft Top

    Is this still available and is price negotiable?
  4. Connecticut Sold

    I can do that I’ll PM you my cell phone
  5. Connecticut Sold

    Would you take $350? I’m on the North shore of Mass.
  6. Massachusetts JLUR Mopar Side steps

    I’m on the North Shore are they still available? Is the price firm?