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  1. So I found this today…. Where is the wiring ?

    Ok. I just figured it had the kit since I found that plug behind there. 🤷‍♂️
  2. So I found this today…. Where is the wiring ?

    I found this aux switch for $49.20 and located a plug behind the little slot opening in the dash. I have a 2021 JLUR. If I plug this in, where is the wiring bundle on the other end of this?
  3. Adjustable control arm clunk

    Got them on Saturday. It seems like the road manners improved a bit. Might just be my mind playing tricks on me.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Replaced the front adjustable LCAs with Clayton’s after the bushings in the Rough Country’s failed.
  5. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Welcome and congrats. Nice looking Rubi. Highly doubt you will get much flaming around here brother.
  6. Adjustable control arm clunk

    I can move it back and fourth by hand. It only moves a tad, but it’s enough for me to hear and feel inside while driving. I’m really surprised the bushing would fail so fast. The roads around here do suck though. And I just made the 2400 mile trip to Texas. I’m sure the 37s don’t help either...
  7. Adjustable control arm clunk

    Bushing part, frame side Not the threaded part. The arms only have maybe 8k on them. Crazy. I have Clayton’s on the rear. Maybe it’s time.
  8. Adjustable control arm clunk

    I have a set of rough country adjustable lower front control arms that have zurks and one seems to be moving. I’m not sure if it’s just doing it because I need more grease. The bolts are tight. Probably 4k miles since grease. Is that normal?
  9. DV8 LED Headlights

    I have not and hopefully won’t. Maybe the inline relays? But that would be strange that both would go out at the same time. I would look into something with the settings in the dash/cluster. Maybe try going in and setting the headlights to halogen and back to LED?? That’s the first thing I...
  10. Pics of oem Mopar Steel bumper with winch setup?

    Yeah, I will probably revisit this down the road. Saving up for gears right now.
  11. Pics of oem Mopar Steel bumper with winch setup?

    No apologies needed my friend. Thank you for the clarification. I had an AtS on my JK, but that thing was a total mess from the get go. The JL steering is an incredible upgrade, Even with the lift and 37s. As always, appreciate the feedback.
  12. Pics of oem Mopar Steel bumper with winch setup?

    Mike, can you tell much of a difference in your steering with the ATS stabilizer? I can’t remember if you are running 37s or 38s. Just an off topic question. I really like the looks of the plate mounted down there as well.
  13. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    What are you referring to when you say “tazor patch/plug bypass”? I have the Tazer Mini and set the tire size accordingly. I did see I could change the gear ratio in the settings. Is this what you are referring to? I was considering adding a throttle controller for $70. Not planning on a...
  14. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    Makes sense. Thank you I really don’t do any serious wheeling, rock crawling. Now that I am in Texas, I still have to research where to play. I joined a local club on Facebook and hope to get together with some people soon. It’s definitely a different terrain here, especially the soil (clay)...
  15. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    I’ve been reading that gearing will definitely void my warranty, at least for the axles. Would having 37s alone void my warranty if I ended up having problems with my stock axles within the warranty timeframe?
  16. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    Which gears did you get? I’m leaning toward these after others have strongly recommended,,,
  17. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    Holy Crap!! I think the best mpg I got during the 2400 mile trip was 17.7. That’s with stock 4.10s. Usually get around 14.5 around town. The mud grapplers are definitely different though.
  18. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    I have the 2.0 liter and my tires are closer to true 37”. I checked with a local shop in San Antonio for a quote on 5.13s and they said I would be running higher rpm’s during normal driving and would lose fuel economy. I would love to save on fuel, but that’s not a big concern for me. I am more...
  19. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    I couldn’t help myself. I did not realize there would be so much feedback on this. I am concerned about the stress the 37s have on the transmission (since I installed them). The restored power and better fuel economy (minimal) on long trips will be nice. However, the later two are just bonuses...
  20. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    Well,,,, Mine is a 2.0L , so..,,, :)