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  1. So I found this today…. Where is the wiring ?

    I found this aux switch for $49.20 and located a plug behind the little slot opening in the dash. I have a 2021 JLUR. If I plug this in, where is the wiring bundle on the other end of this?
  2. Adjustable control arm clunk

    I have a set of rough country adjustable lower front control arms that have zurks and one seems to be moving. I’m not sure if it’s just doing it because I need more grease. The bolts are tight. Probably 4k miles since grease. Is that normal?
  3. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    Sorry for the stupid question. I’m a little confused. Will going to 4.88 or 5.13s allow the Jeep to see 8th gear more often at higher speeds? Or is it opposite? I’m on 37s with stock JLUR gears now and see 8th when i am going downhill or between 60-75ish on flat ground and no wind.
  4. Warning light on dash?

    I’m not sure if has to do with the TPMS or not. The tires are within the normal range I set on the tazer mini. It flashes and beeps, then goes solid when I go into drive. For some reason I thought I read something on here about this being related to a separate issue. I recently drove over 2400...
  5. Do all throttle controllers do the same thing?

    I’m just curious if the cheaper controllers do the same thing as the more expensive ones. For example, Raxiom makes the “speedform” for under $70 and Banks has the peddle controller at $300.
  6. Rubbing now that I extended rear control arms.

    I installed rear upper and lower adjustable control arms (Clayton’s) and had the alignment done. Now that we adjusted them accordingly, I am running pretty bad on the rear plastic inner liner. I heated the drivers side up and pushed it back a tad. They still run though. As I mentioned in my...
  7. Reservoirs worth it?

    A friend of mine had a Raptor with 37s and Fox reservoir shocks. They raves about the ride quality. I’m curious if reservoirs make that much of a difference in ride quality on the road. I’m running 37x13.50r20 Nitto Mud Grapplers and a 2” Mopar Lift with the Fox shocks now. I have experimented...
  8. Looking up road conditions for trip

    Do any of you know an easy way to find out what road conditions are for a trip from LA to Albuquerque? Looks like the majority of the trip is on the 40 and goes through California, Arizona and Mexico. Just tying to figure out where the bad spots are going to be in a couple weeks.
  9. When to upgrade ball joints with 37s?

    I’m running the following on my 2021 JLUR and only have 8000 miles on her. (Maybe 6k with the 37s). I’m wondering when I should upgrade the ball joints. I am preparing to make a 2k mile trip and am a little concerned, as I have only driven her about 400 miles round trip one time with the lift...
  10. Hail damage experiences? Texas?

    We are moving to the San Antonio area and have heard there can be some serious hail storms. Have any of you guys had your Jeeps damaged? I’m curious how the hard top holds up.
  11. Stinger Heigh10 background change?

    Has anyone else tried changing the background on the Heigh10 to a personal picture? Every time I try it rotates the picture. I have spent hours trying to rotate the pictures on my computer, save them to the thumb drive and it still rotates them.
  12. Anyone know what speed is ideal for best fuel economy?

    I’ve been told most vehicles have a set range that will yield the best fuel economy, such as 50-55 mph I have 37s on stock 4.10s and get into 8th gear around 65-70.
  13. Should I just tighten down the bolts of the water pump?

    I am planning a 2000 mile trip to Texas next month and keep reading about this horrible leak. Is there an easy way to just tighten them up?
  14. What should my voltage look like?

    Thought it would be higher. Kinda weird, it’s 14.1 this morning. It is a lot cooler at the moment.
  15. And then this happened…

    After waiting in line for a prescription for the second night in a row after work to find out they still didn’t fill it, I get back to the Jeep to find this. Now, I will leave on a positive note; An older gentleman approached me while I was getting ready to leave and pointed it out. I was...
  16. Anyone have pics of oem rear fender liners after heating or cutting?

    I’m getting a bit a rub now that I added adjustable rear control arms and recentered. I know it is hitting the smaller square portion of the plastic inner liner. I really don’t want to cut the liners and understand they can be heated and molded back. I’m just wondering if anyone has pics of this.
  17. Tread lightly discount tire rebate??

    Anyone know if the rebate for discount tire has an expiration? I cannot seem to find my card in our files. Thanks guys Edit: disregard. I found it. Looks like it’s only good for thirty days from purchase.
  18. Axial SpeedForm?

    Anyone have one of these throttle controllers? I’m wondering if it achieves the same thing as the Banks Pedal Monster.
  19. Four door Magneto 2.0?

    Anyone know if there are plans for an unlimited Magneto? I’ve searched a little and only Found talks of a 2 door with manual transmission.
  20. Who has towed their JL behind uhaul ?

    Uhaul shows flat bedding it. Not sure if there are other options.