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  1. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    JeepSleep mattress and sleep in the Jeep. When we go for a few days I'll bring both that and a ground tent for options.
  2. The Headrest Safe for Jeep JL Wrangler is cool ☘️

    No safety concerns on this? I don't think that 1/4" leather is going to protect your head much from whiplashing back into it if you get rear ended. (keep in mind I'm going off just the picture and maybe thought has been put into this).
  3. Steel vs. Aluminum Bumper

    My front end dropped almost an inch and made a very noticeable loss in handling/braking after adding steel bumper and winch w/synthetic line. In hindsight I would have done the aluminum.
  4. Would you buy a first year JL?

    Mine was built Jan 2018 and my 5 year ownership anniversary was last week. Off the dealer lot it has clicking ball joints. They couldn't figure it out but researching this forum I figured it out, told them to torque the ball joints, they did and it's never been a problem since. Had the...
  5. Uconnect 8.4 Picture Burn In

    Wow that sucks....I guess a good reminder on long road trips to maybe switch screens every once in a while.
  6. JL Best Bumpers or Worst Bumpers?

    I've been happy with the quality of the LOD. It's held up very well over the years. It's very heavy though especially with the optional skid plate so take that into consideration.
  7. Jeep just updated website with HUGE price increases to the Wrangler options.

    It's a jungle out there. My wife and I with 800+ credit score "qualified" for 6.24% interest recently. I laughed and asked who I make the check out to.
  8. drunk and made me laugh

    Be ready to be shocked how dirty that thing will be! Those need to be replaced seemingly 4x as much as the engine air filter.
  9. Jeep just updated website with HUGE price increases to the Wrangler options.

    My wife's new Cherokee has a -$50 on the window sticker as they don't have the rear park sensors. I'd rather have the sensors than the $50 but it seems like it's across the board. All of those options are about 30-50% more than what they were in 2018 when I got mine.
  10. 2024 Model Year - Mid-Cycle Action (MCA Refresh) - Predictions for JL?

    They've been jamming in some of the 10" unconnect5 screens in a backroom JL so pretty sure that's coming sooner than later.
  11. How much do you pay for your Jeep registration?

    Came to post exactly this. I'm just under 5 years ownership and I think I'm in the $400's now... We pay registration based on the local governments perceived value of our vehicles. So it gets a little cheaper each year as you lose value.
  12. Is 5% below invoice a good deal for a 392 order?

    5% below invoice is employee pricing and the 392 is not eligible so seems like a great deal to me.
  13. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    After they replaced my glass I immediately put black electrical tape over mine to hold it in place and knock on wood it's been good since.
  14. Do only suckers buy off of the lot?

    I bought off the lot but this was nearly 5 years ago now and before the world lost it's mind... Nowadays I'd almost certainly factory order.
  15. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    The big uConnect screen is coming. It looks a bit different as it's significantly larger so they had to change the vents underneath it. They are orienting it horizontally not vertically like you see on Teslas or the newer Rams.
  16. Why are roof-top tents so popular?

    We had a small camper (Runaway) but love the mobility of the air mattress. Sleep Jeep or something like that..We use it all the time.
  17. Retail price went up.... by a lot!

    Yikes. For giggles I just went to the Jeep website and spec'd my 2018 out. Over $8k more on the window sticker than my 2018. I was forced to select the 3.6 etorque on the Jeep site but otherwise every option is the same. It's $4,000 to go to an automatic now... 2018: $42,355 2023: $50,775
  18. Can anyone verify a dealer can calibrate speedometer for 34.5" tires?

    I did the "service contract" and $125 for 34.5" tires on mine but this was over 4 years ago so could have changed. Mine is spot on with what the GPS says until 70mph + where I can see about .5-1mph discrepancy (so good enough for me).
  19. Inmoment Survey?

    Not sure what you mean by legit as in not a scam? I doubt it's from Jeep. Most likely from one of the hundreds of companies your financier sold your info to.