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  1. Why doesn’t Jeep offer cool colors?

    Can't say I'm seeing what you're seeing.
  2. Jeeps Lemons and Sweet Tarts

    How long did you have it? The oil cooler cracking is a matter of when on a 2014. Otherwise it's a good year.
  3. Thinking the unthinkable

    The Canyon/Colorado have been redesigned for the 2023 model year. The interior is a significant improvement over the 2nd Generation. The first ones are hitting dealer lots soon.

    You forgot 2.0 vs 3.6 ;)
  5. The advanced safety group is pretty cool!

    Video was a lot milder than expected.
  6. Jeep Dealer Parts Dept - No Mopar 2" Lift on Rubicon

    What's funny is people in customer service related positions like his will often talk about how stupid their customers are, not knowing how much bad information they ironically give out daily.
  7. Belt Start Generator (BSG) Failure

    This is essentially what changed my opinion on the whole ETorque vs Auxiliary Battery/Non ETorque debate. The 8 year, 80,000 mile warranty is pretty comparable to the average lifespan of an alternator. ETorque offers no more complication while offering a few more benefits.
  8. 2024 Model Year - Mid-Cycle Action (MCA Refresh) - Predictions for JL?

    Next Generation Prediction | Page 9 | Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, 4xe, 392 - JLwranglerforums.com Official: Hurricane Twin-Turbo 3.0 I-6 Coming for Jeep - HO with 510HP and 500 ft-lbs! | Page 29 | Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, 4xe, 392...
  9. how to get my GSDs to fit in my Plug in Hybrid Jeep Wrangler 2023

    Only 4xe and 392 owners mention their powertrain in topics that have nothing to do with the powertrain.
  10. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Mod your Jeep to look like this. If it gets stolen, it’s a vigilante returning it to stock.
  11. 2023 Jeep vs. Curb, Curb wins.

    That’s good, glad it worked out. That’s usually how it goes with accidents. People lie out their asses, there’s no accountability.
  12. 2023 Jeep vs. Curb, Curb wins.

    Sorry to hear. Guessing you don't have a dashcam? They come in handy.
  13. how many 3.6 engine failures

    Nearly every thread you involve yourself in goes off-track because you make baseless claims and then say you never said what everybody can clearly see you said. Very ironic given you throw the word delusional around. Initial quality means almost nothing. If a vehicle doesn't hold up over one...
  14. how many 3.6 engine failures

    3 different sources > 1 source. Initial quality, which is every image you shared, is also irrelevant.
  15. how many 3.6 engine failures

    Absolutely I could say with a straight face nothing about the Sierra is on a different level. It has more technology, sure. More important than anything, since 2019, the Ram 1500 has widely been considered best in class and has stole more of GMC/Fords market share than ever before. I couldn't...
  16. how many 3.6 engine failures

    One thing people also never mention with these lists is demographics. Toyota owners are generally older and fiscally responsible. While Jeep as a brand has a wide customer base, Chrysler/Dodge/Ram have always been attractive to people with low credit. Nissan/Kia/Hyundai are in the same boat. One...
  17. how many 3.6 engine failures

    GMC is near the bottom of most reliability ratings out there. You can’t decry Jeep citing rankings and ignore GMC is poorly rated while championing it. Like Jeep, I’m a GMC fan. Recently bought one in fact. The build quality is no different than the Jeep and their forums are no different when...

    My Jeep Wranglers have been nearly perfect and have had zero mechanical issue. That doesn’t mean they’re reliable vehicles. Unfortunately for you, the millions of different vehicles throughout the years with either cloth or leather strongly document cloth is much more durable.

    Not even close to being true. There's many reasons to get leather but durability over cloth is not one of them.
  20. Trade in Values tanking

    You wouldn't be feeling that way if you bought a Tesla a few weeks ago.