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  1. Lots of DTCs

    Was there any noticeable damage to the old part? Just so curious about a failure there. G.
  2. Anyone Cure Whistling From Hardtop By Windshield?

    . . . or . . . . you're not playing your music loud enough!! G. ;)
  3. Is this a sign not to buy a Wrangler again?

    . . . " It is exciting blasting down a gravel road doing 80 mph." Yeah . . . . Don't do that. G.
  4. Sedona AZ current trail conditions ?

    Do your homework and be very careful, especially with the weather the West is having this year. Don't be the guy that gets a free Tee-shirt from Matt because you were stupid. G.
  5. '21 sahara Altitude w/ ESS question

    It would not be unheard of to have a shot aux battery. Replace them both and report back. G.
  6. Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    Had em on mine since new. G.
  7. Lug nuts get stuck in 22mm socket?

    I have Gorilla's and always use a breaker bar so I don't ding them up. Very easy and no "hammering" on the nuts. I've never liked impacts on my lug nuts. G.
  8. Lots of DTCs

    Original Batteries on a 2018?? Change them both. G.
  9. Mpg?

    My stock Willys always gets 22+ with the 3.6 eTorque auto. Even with 37's, 11 seems really low. G.
  10. Transmission / Transfer Case Failure and Fire

    If it's not stock, all bets are off!! I just love how we seldom hear about the "non-stock-ness" in the first posts. G.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    4 new Fox Shocks G.
  12. After original delivery failure, dealer claiming I owe thousands to take ownership of the correct build due to recent price increase

    This HAS to be the Machine Guns and Oil Smoke package!! The price of Machine Guns is really WAY up with inflation and such!! G.
  13. TREDSDERT JLU Willys Sport EcoDiesel – Destroying 70+ Years of Advancement, One Mod at a Time

    Pretty sure she'll let you keep that thing. WOW!! G.😬
  14. JL Best Bumpers or Worst Bumpers?

    Silly me. I always thought that you weren't supposed to crash into things with your bumper. They are there for "just-in-case". G.
  15. 36x15.5” Wide Tires - They Look & Drive Amazing

    Might want to check Florida law about "massive-poke" When I lived in Jax years ago, the law was no tires outside the fenders for on-road use. G.
  16. Wife's new Willys

    Awesome!! Love the wire wheels on the Soft tail. G. 👍
  17. Terrible Death Wobble…Please Help

    Got a 21 Willys, and just coming up on 40k. Rock solid steering and never had an issue. I did replace the Steering stabilizer with a Fox yesterday, but for no particular reason other than I wanted to. G.
  18. White Jeep JL Fenders?

    Maybe find a set of Sahara fenders and paint to match. G.