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  1. Hot Springs, AR on Sunday, June 4th

    I'll be at Hot Springs Off-road Park on Sunday, June 4th to run the three BOH trails they have out there. If you want to meet up to run them with me, I'm down for doing this in a small group. This will be a kid friendly adventure. PM me if you want to meet up. https://hotspringsoffroadpark.com/
  2. Largest Discount Offered to Forum Members for 2024 Wrangler!

    So 3-5% below for a 392? Why different and why a range?
  3. 7% Below Invoice on Jeep Wrangler Orders (including 392 and 4xe!)

    Figured but one must always ask. Ready to order a 392 XR if they ever open it up again.
  4. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    I've run Teraflex parts on Jeeps for 22 years and MetalCloak parts for 7 years. Both are top shelf.
  5. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    Their site is garbage. :facepalm::puke:
  6. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    https://teraflex.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Instructions/TeraFlex_2022_Catalog_web-b.pdf Teraflex can correct me but if you buy their 1.5" performance spacer kit it comes with the 2" front and 1.5" rear. To even out the rake.
  7. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    Not going wrong with either kit. Which can you get a better deal on? Do you prefer black or gold under the Jeep?
  8. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    140 is ride rate. 110 is the extended part on top for extension during droop. The 2 door rears are less at 150 vs 170 on JLU.
  9. The Great Rock Slider Debate!

    VKSFAB Informants installed
  10. The Great Rock Slider Debate!

    Mine r just waiting for me to put them on. :like:
  11. The Great Rock Slider Debate!

    I’m going the bolt on route for now.
  12. The Great Rock Slider Debate!

    The faceplates on the PS and LOD get trashed in the rocks. I know from experience. The LOD were great otherwise. On my current 22, I’m a waiting on a drill bit to install a set of frame installed from VKSFAB.
  13. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    I run Teracloak lift myself. Most hard parts are MC. Springs and shocks from Teraflex.
  14. For folks frustrated with the FORM issues

    Best response. That and those who posted RTFM.