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  1. Which tires? KO2 vs Firestone Destination MT?

    KO2s for the win! IMHO...MTs are too loud for a daily driver.
  2. Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    HIghly recommend these @Redline Tuning hood struts. The struts and customer service are top shelf! My 5' tall wife likes them too!!!
  3. HELP! My wife needs bigger tires

    My wife didn't like our Jeep when we first drove it home from the dealer. She started referring to it as "her Jeep" on Day 2. :)
  4. HELP! My wife needs bigger tires

    A Jeep and a Colorado? Sounds like a great household vehicle combo! Regarding your original post ... Suggest leaving HER Jeep alone.
  5. Mopar trailer brake controller - review / feedback?

    Second this brake controller! You can easily move it other vehicles.
  6. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box (sz: Alpine) on Rhino Rack Vortex (SG59)

    I like those racks. I have them on my 2-door also! Just my two cents... The aerodynamic lift and moment forces on the cargo box are significant, especially at highway speeds. The rack load rating is only related to weight (down force only) and does not take into consideration lifting forces...
  7. Any alternative headrests?

    Turning the headrests around creates too much of a whiplash risk for my taste. That said, I did test this out and it did feel much more comfortable.
  8. Any alternative headrests?

    Has anyone found an alternate headrest (yeah, yeah head restraint) that fits? Love my Jeep but it gives me serious neck pain. These damn headrests were designed by Jeep's corporate lawyers who don't give a crap about ergonomics. I've read through the thread on bending the posts and am...
  9. Newbie

    🖐 Nice Jeep! Be prepared to get jealous stares from our Unlimited-owning cousins. :)
  10. Sun Visor Fix

    Done. I used some blue threadlocker. Hope this fix holds up.
  11. Tires upgrade for Sport S

    Correct. A 245/75-17 tire has an almost identical diameter as a 265/70-17 tire.
  12. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    Preheat the sticker with a hairdryer. Peel the sticker slowly at 180 degrees while continuing to apply heat. It will come off. The visor vinyl will "pucker" a little but it will quickly tighten back up. It took me about 30 minutes to remove both visor decals.
  13. Glasses holder?

    I tried using the "factory holder" but unfortunately my sunglasses won't stay put.
  14. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    My favorite "minor mod" is free. I removed the fugly visor stickers.
  15. Third Row Seat Installed

    Looks great! But, for safety and liability reasons, I would not put my family or friends in that third row located in the Jeeps' crumple zone. Not bashing ... But you asked for opinions.
  16. Looking for recommendations for a quality hydraulic floor jack

    FWIW - Here's one data point... My Daytona jack (orange) from HF is 3 years old. No problems so far. Maybe just get new o-ring and fix your Walmart jack?
  17. What are Jeeps good for?

    Jeeps are good for make your crossover-driving neighbors jealous.
  18. Sun Visor Fix

    So my passenger visor just broke. Looks like some of the Chinese 2-screw knockoffs have a tapered end. While I'm tempted to buy these, I'll likely just buy the TACCOM single-screw hook. I don't want to risk damage to my visor. Hope the TACCOM single-screw version is sturdy. From China via eBay...
  19. Sun Visor Broken

    Add my Jeep to the list. My passenger side visor made it to 4 years and 25k miles before failing.
  20. Does your significant other hate your Jeep?

    My wife hated our Jeep the first time she drove it on day 1 of ownership. She started liking it on day 2. She started calling it "her Jeep" on day 3.