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  1. Diesel Additive?

    Love amsoil's products, specifically their severe gear gear oil, but honestly I have switched to HSS' EDT and their diesel extreme every 6k. The container makes dosing much easier and it only requires 1 oz per tank vs the excessive amount of diesel kleen. Still have a bunch of DK in the garage.
  2. 20th Anniversary Rubicon 4xe - first look with new grille design!

    Gotta love putting a high flow grill behind arguably the most flow restricting bull bar and aux light position 🤣
  3. Jeep Edition ADDAX Overland Trailer Announced

    I'm very well aware what it costs to build one of these as I have spent a bunch on my Schutt M1102 and it's no where near done. Ends up being way more than one would think but still less than a turnkey build. Yes, you will have in yours what this costs. However yours will be fully done to your...
  4. Jeep Edition ADDAX Overland Trailer Announced

    We have an M1102 and love it but for tighter trails I would really like an M416. Problem with them is they are either rust bucket massive projects or someone already did said work and wants a good bit for it. But no where near 20k.
  5. Jeep Edition ADDAX Overland Trailer Announced

    It'd be substantially cheaper to build an M416 out. Granted if you want turn key it's gonna cost you either way
  6. "HurriCrate" Hurricane I6 Crate Engine Details Announced

    Love my diesel but if they offer this in the Wrangler I am trading our diesel.
  7. Mopar Introduces Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets

    As ridiculous as these sound, it would be nice for the washer fluid to hit more than 50% of the windshield at highway speeds.
  8. Jeep High Tide (and XR) Review -- "Like an F16 and Hummer EV in One" -- Car & Driver Review

    Yeah don't get me wrong there's not really anything wrong with it, but it's the same thing as the stock components basically. With thin wall control arms that get banged up awfully easily when you actually wheel the thing, and flex robbing joints in the name of NVH reduction.
  9. Jeep High Tide (and XR) Review -- "Like an F16 and Hummer EV in One" -- Car & Driver Review

    They spent a million dollars designing/testing/producing their lifts?!? I hope that's a joke because the Mopar lift is absolutely nothing to write home about, ESPECIALLY if they invested those kind of resources into the R&D/production.
  10. Top of the World in a mostly stock JL Rubicon

    There's really only a few spots where it's an issue, and even those spots with some wheeling experience aren't bad at all. Now that isn't to say you can't find yourself in a pickle very quickly. Definitely do not go alone. If you do try, stay right as you reach the loop section and come back...
  11. Top of the World in a mostly stock JL Rubicon

    Ran Top of the World, including the loop at the top, in a bone stock JLURD with no problems. Little scraping here and there but no biggie whatsoever. Pick good lines and it's a breeze. Unfortunately the haze from the Pack Creek fire last year spoiled the view😪 Actually dropped our M1102 trailer...
  12. Cell phone mount recommendations

    Nope, but it looks just like it does on their page.
  13. Harbor Freight air compressor OBA

    Wether it can run it constant vs the starting load are 2 completely different things. For example my big ol 60 gallon in the shop only pulls something like 20A at 240VAC during operation, but to start it hits somewhere near 33A.
  14. Bought An Air Compressor

    Compressing air unfortunately makes it hot. Even our ARB dual does the same, or hell even my 60 gallon in the shop. However this is something I have not seen. I just use a standard poly hose with QD's off the compressor and run that to a speedflate kit. No issues on our end with this setup
  15. EJS 2022: Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

    Not sure how those numbers add up, hear me out. The 4xe gets 25 miles electric propulsion, or about 3 miles when in 4low while using the jeep for what it was intended for, under the absolute best case scenario out of a 17kwh pack. Multiple that by 10, which is much larger than a 130kwh pack, and...
  16. EJS 2022: Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

    100% agreed but you just showed exactly why it's a problem. Electric ac induction motors are definitely, without question, MUCH more efficient. However that means that they have almost nowhere to go in terms of gains. The only gains you will ever see with them is not the motor itself but the...
  17. EJS 2022: Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

    .... wow it has the energy equivalent of just over 2 gallons of diesel
  18. Hell's Revenge in a (mostly) stock Rubicon

    We did Fins and things, Hell's, Elephant Hill, Top of the World, and Steel Bender to "the fall" this year in our stock JLURD. Pretty easy trail (Hell's) in all reality, the optional stuff are the difficult areas but even a few of those aren't that bad.
  19. Official: Hurricane Twin-Turbo 3.0 I-6 Coming for Jeep - HO with 510HP and 500 ft-lbs!

    Not gonna lie, this could make me switch from the diesel. Similar torque but almost 140 more horsepower sounds quite interesting. I'm sure the fuel economy would be nowhere near the same though.