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  1. My 2.0 rattle journey

    Wow. At that price, if it’s not too deep in, it might be worth buying the service manual and tools.
  2. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    After the swap, I didn’t notice a difference.
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Yes, I’ve run the Sahara upgrade wheels and now Rubicon upgrade wheels with the pockets. I measured the pocket depth before ordering the spacers. The exact measurement is in a thread here somewhere. I used a dial caliper depth gauge. Plenty of spare room but not end to go 1/4” narrower (The...
  4. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    My Sahara didn’t come with tow group but it is a hardtop. The rears might…. Might be lower. Yes, get the LCA’s. Easier driving at highway speeds. No stud cutting with the 1” Bora spacers but that is the narrowest you can go. I’m at 1/4” more “poke” than a Rubicon so basically none. Depending...
  5. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    The best info you’re going to get is testimony. Try to find a Jeep that matches yours the best as far as options. Do what works. They’re adding a spacer because they are precise. If you know what result someone got and you don’t like how their front is, just add the spacer to compensate. They...
  6. A big thank you to Maximus!

    Watch around the bolt heads. My powder coat flaked off on the first and the replacement set they sent. Rust ensued.
  7. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    I still don’t understand what might possibly be different on my setup if people don’t have goose gear and are able to support their head. Even if I didn’t have the tailgate table, my head wouldn’t be held up so I made that little platform. Does the deep sleep keep your head supported but still...
  8. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    I like this thread. Well, I’m going to TRY sleeping in the Jeep. I’m only 5’11” but have the Outback Trailgater so that takes away a couple inches I think when I tried laying down in the back passenger side. My head hangs over the top of the passenger back seat so I roughed out a simple platform...
  9. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    Nice! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I may need to look into doing the same.
  10. What mileage do you get misfire codes due to plugged up intake?

    Thanks for saving me a post. Like the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0, the Jeep 2.0 also has an integrated separator.
  11. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    That’s another thing. I have to decide if I want the slippery slope of needing a slideout for the fridge…. Which means mounting the slider…
  12. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    I’m curious what shelf you have there. I’m trying to find something like that that will not interfere with my XG Cargo Gama Bags. It seems like this one mounts differently?
  13. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    Autocorrect in my last post-> *refrigeration Yeah, a dual zone for under $400 and decent reviews, why not. You can get the 173Wh battery to install too. That’s worth a few hours operation for 160 more.
  14. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    Good to hear. I’ve got the same setup coming. I’ll be running a BougeRV dual zone 37qt, probably just refrigeration mostly.
  15. Warn Platinum— is it worth the extra cost?

    My 10 month old Warn Zeon Platinum 10S, respooled twice light load, brake failed. No service center nearby so it’ll be a while before I repair it. Figured I’d try a Comeup Seal Slim 9.5.
  16. Valve/Carbon Cleaner for the 2.0T

    I just did mine at 66k. I’ve seen badly eroded plugs and mine were still very serviceable. Of course I swapped anyway. No changes to engine idle or mpg. I’ve mostly run premium. Sometimes mid grade.
  17. Valve/Carbon Cleaner for the 2.0T

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected!
  18. Valve/Carbon Cleaner for the 2.0T

    Between here and the Giulia 2.0 forums, I’ve not heard of a buildup issue. The Giulia has a built in oil separator in the cam cover so I suspect the same for the Jeep 2.0 although it is a different cylinder head. Run tier 1 fuels, get on it once in a while, run the correct oil specified for this...
  19. What happened to the torque specs table?

    And there’s a tool for measuring degrees. I got one at Autozone. It didn’t occur to me. Heck, I used an angle app that used the camera and had to mark the degrees by hand while holding my phone. lol