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  1. What have you delayed modding on your Wrangler until right after warranty expiration?

    James, this kind of double-talk is exactly why 'pushing the boat out' felt like the right move. One can live in fear of something that may never happen and be robbed of those years - only to have something actually happen and be met with fine print preventing the warranty holders'...
  2. What have you delayed modding on your Wrangler until right after warranty expiration?

    I went through the struggle whether to wait or just go for it. No way was I waiting 11 years/150K miles (my extended warranty is really extended) - before realizing his potential. Like @COJeeper I'm mostly concerned about the electronic gremlins hiding deep within that won't show up for a few...
  3. Wrangler vs Bronco manual?

    Steve, I'll agree with everyone else who's already said just get your manual transmission and have fun. I really believe this is one of those times the squeaky wheel has received most of the attention. I'm not minimizing the problems those who've had - have had. Are there some bumps and bruises...
  4. McLeod JL Manual Clutch is coming

    Wow... I didn't know you could do that in a Jeep-or any other vehicle for that matter!
  5. McLeod JL Manual Clutch is coming

    I spoke with a McLeod rep at the Overlanding show in northern Colorado last fall ( '22). He too said they're working on it but provided no details. My hope is that by time my clutch fails I'll have several options: CF, SB, ACT, McLeod or OEM. There's certainly business opportunity here.
  6. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I'll third - or forth this. One of the reasons I went to 4.88's was to help the clutch. At 3.45 it just felt like it was struggling, especially once lifted and put on a set of 315's (duh...). At 4.88 he was peppy and happy again with plenty of take-up spirit. "Every ratio has a purpose' is a...
  7. Finally installed, Clayton 2.5" Overland+ with 37s... but wait, there's more....

    The good news is it looks great. When my 2" lift was installed I spent the first week or two wondering some of the same things... the difference in handling before/after was noticeable. I went from little 31's to 315's, so not apples to apples... After a while (a week or two) either it calmed...
  8. Chat GPT weighs in - "Can a dana m186 axle handle 35" tires?"

    I'll tell ya - these computers... can't live with em' - pass the beer nuts.
  9. New Member, Saying Thanks, Introducing my Farout, & Couple Questions

    Let me be the first to say congratulations. That's a nice looking Jeep. Sorry, but don't know anything about the Diesel questions, but welcome to the hive.

    Curious... does the Bolt come with the new section of mesh for grill, with hole for lock? I just automatically went Mopar and didn't really explore Bolt... I know there's a price difference, but wonder if it's otherwise exactly the same? I've never had a vehicle before where you could open the...

    Mopar. Had it keyed to the switchblade. Love it - works like a champ.
  12. Dodging bullets, but finally got hit

    Rats. Was really hoping that helped... wish I knew more. Good luck.
  13. Which winch hook/shackle do you guys recommend.

    I went with the WARN Sidewinder - black. I had a nice, red ProLink, but my wife said it looked like a dog's (ahem...) b*ner on the front of the Jeep. I couldn't unsee that... and went with something a little less... exciting.
  14. Rubicon hood decals on a Sport

    Agreed. Nothing to see here... just keep moving along.
  15. Has anyone crunched their M200/186 Sport axles?

    I'm interested in other's replies too. Mine is a '21 with rear LSD from factory and open front. I had it re-geared a year ago to 4.88 after going to 315's and a lengthy internal debate whether the 186 was worth the investment. Had several shops try to convince me that doing a locker at the same...
  16. Cool article on forgotten (by some) Jeeps.

    Good read. Thanks for posting the link. Love everything about that Jeepster Commando, especially the color.