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  1. 392 broken axle

    Not my vehicle, shared by my friend. Seems the breaking point is at the welded plug/pin and axle tube slide out afterwards. Rarely not actually snap in half or cracked at the FAD housing. At the end of the days it’s still a wrangler with even heavier front end applying more force…
  2. End of the EcoDiesel V6 for the Ram. What about the Wrangler EcoDiesel?

    why did I get picked on for living in CA? And what does that has to do with the topic? So you basically took what I said personal and went insulting? Pathetic….
  3. End of the EcoDiesel V6 for the Ram. What about the Wrangler EcoDiesel?

    I said many many times, modern emission controlled consumer grade diesel engine are just TRASH. Let it go, it makes no sense at all. unless you just want a diesel dont care about down time, ownership cost, and all kinds of miserable electrical and mechanical problems just for the sake of diesel...
  4. 2023 Rubicon 392 non XR shocks

    those are just fox labeled mopar shocks..even worse than regular red shocks...they leak and lost rebound in just couple thousand miles. you are not missing a bit.
  5. Help! What is this spring?

    also, the door cart is very easy to take off, like less than 1 minutes..did that before..try a youtube search...
  6. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    you are right, just like your set up before,,,,,,I lengthen the upper control arm and level out that pinion angle...still vibrates... funny thing is, my jeep felt more stable running 4 degrees of caster than 6..😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Multiple Fatality Rollover in Gladiator - Near Ouray

    what kind of people they hired to drive the tour? seems more than just bad luck to me..
  8. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    just installed the Adam's 1350 front driveshaft. With 6 degree of caster, 2.5 in lift, I have slight vibration above 72 ish mph......doesn't seems to worse if speed increased through out 97 mph.... Why nobody makes CV ball bearing style shaft? Is it because of cost?
  9. No more XR package?

    ask another reputable dealer to confirm. I found out sales usually running around with lies and dont have any idea what they are talking about. When I was in dealer last week, sales told me no more 2023 392s are comming, they want me to buy that 2022 in showroom with 10k markup........little did...
  10. This never gets old.. 392 exhaust video

    Actually with so many g wagons around , the 392 jeep start up wasn’t that noticeable.
  11. Can "REV HANG" be tuned out?

    No. And you can’t rev to redline so if you want to rev your engine in parking lot buy a Ferrari or McLaren. when I had the 3.6 manual, the rev hang was so horrible making drive that thing so miserable.
  12. New 392 owner already an issue.

    It's still a jeep, you will have all the typical wrangler problem plus additional 392 problems....you are just experiencing the jeep ownership experience......wait until your 6.4 Hemi starts to tick tick tick and your stupid mp3022 clutch transfer case giving you error codes.............. No...
  13. Service 4WD warning light

    Here is the final update, Vehicle was back to me, nothing fixed from dealer. However when I checked the dash cam recording(because the whole back side of the vehicle was covered in Ketchup or BBQ sauce, shocks mufflers sway bars, track bars I mean EVERYTHING) I found the tech working on my...
  14. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    man this thing is fun in the rain without front driveshaft.
  15. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    im not rich I’m just irresponsible.
  16. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    so sad I don’t have fad from factory to begin With. That’s I’m asking people end up with.
  17. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    1310 1350 I’m good with them all. I’m thinking adams 1350 from northridge4x4 they are in stock. Just wondering how the fit. Because they say it’s not recommend it without fad?
  18. Aftermarket Driveshaft Mega Thread…Buyer Beware

    So what front drive shaft are you guys went with? My front shaft is gone spinning grease at the transfer case end... dealer refuse to work on it, saying transfer case is good, my lift kit cause the drive shaft boots to fail.