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  1. Regear pattern help

    You’re in good hands with @chevymitchell I’ve actually ruined bearings and still find the experience worth it. Stick with it!
  2. LOD Destroyer Rock Sliders - need install tips

    I’m 6’2” and find mine comfortable for getting in/out. I also like being able to stand on them and comfortably work the top at eye level or below. Now, I am on 39’s with a 2.5” lift that likely netted me 3.5-4.5. So the step is at the limit of comfortable and makes a good intermediary to get...
  3. Warranties?

    I’ve had manufacturers/dealers refuse to honor warranties on bone stock vehicles well within powertrain warranty so now I go without. I’m suspicious of third party companies. That being said, find the shop or dealer you’ll be working with and ask them for examples of the things that have been...
  4. Teraflex 60 semi-float

    Alright, gotta ask for more. While none of this reflects reality I’m trying to get more: Would you run a low pinion dana 44 over a high pinion dana 60/70/80? Why? How about reverse cut gears? What’s wrong with teraflex? I’ve heard they blame installers instead of supporting their products. Is...
  5. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    The slinky is real! It defines our existence. I did read an article about some sort of experiment using AI instructions to drivers with adaptive cruise control. Not sure which metro it was, but I gathered that behaviors could be mitigated with significant improvements to traffic.
  6. Trying to figure out what this is?

    I used to live in LA and there were dealers that did this to all their vehicles, no charge. This was before automatic braking became a more common feature.
  7. Teraflex 60 semi-float

    Anyone have any experience or found any reviews in these? I saw they were high pinions and initially wrote them off. However, my 2 door could use the relief of rear driveshaft angles. A quick look around shows these are a super 60 R&P, so they are allegedly stronger than a normal dana-60? I’m...
  8. Replacing Rear Shocks Only....Temporarily

    Yep. Assuming bumpstop prevents bottoming out of shocks (yours are fine). So if you had shocks requiring a lift (and specifically the bumpstop from that lift kit), but no lift kit installed, that might be an issue. There will be an impact in handling, but there will be an impact with all 4 anyway.
  9. Constant tire pressure alerts after upgrading to 35's tires

    I have mine set to 25 PSI with a tazer. It’s been down to 23 cold PSI and no alert. I usually try to maintain 27 cold but get lazy at times, especially when it’s a cold snap that brings my start up psi below 25 for a few days.
  10. My Jeep is pretty much dead

    I think the lawyers will say it’s more about deterring future activity that is bad for the consumer than any remedy. But having been on the consumer end of so many of these it does seem pointless most of the time.
  11. spare wheel

    The Leaf has pretty weak tires (relative to offroad tires). Any M/T should handle a lot of abuse before it fails like that. That’s quite the fix-a-flat success though!
  12. Rock crawlers: what’s your most useful mods and why?

    Gas money and PTO for more experience. Skip everything else that doesn’t get you on the trail more. Big tires requiring a body trim and fender swap have held me back during the wet season here in WA because I didn’t have the time or inclination to finish the work. My garage door broke so I...
  13. spare wheel

    My experience is limited, but in all our runs in Washington I’ve only seen 1 spare needed. It was after a roll and it was only because a bead popped. We could have cleaned it out and remounted the existing one. Our club has only had 1 other loss while I wasn’t around in almost 3 years and it was...
  14. Suspension takeoff question

    At full flex with no spacers you would rub. But that is more common in rock crawling. Not sure about what you described. A simple 1/2” spacer will prevent it.
  15. spare wheel

    I’d recommend a spare delete before having a spare with a different wheel. Tires now are better than 20-30 years ago, so if you’re buying quality you can have a lot of confidence with 4 and no spare.
  16. Suspension takeoff question

    How about a fender swap and 35’s, no suspension or drivetrain modification? Maybe a leveling kit (1/2” spacers). Most warranty friendly way I can think of to get 35’s running short of starting with an XR and staying there.
  17. Suspension takeoff question

    What are you looking to do with you Jeep? There are 2 topic that will eventually come up in a thread like this. One is why you're looking to mod. Is it for looks, for ground clearance on or offroad, is it for the ability to tackle tougher obstacles on trails you already do, bigger tires (for...
  18. DIY seating 37s

    I think to get the cfm you need a big tank and a big supply line. However, not necessarily a big compressor. You use the compressor to fill the tank, then open the fat supply line to dump the air you had built up in that big tank. I’ve never done this, but was considering a similar design for my...