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  1. Differential Covers

    Yeah a buddy of mine has one, it's Grade A pure beef! LOL! He also bought his when they were much "cheaper."
  2. Differential Covers

    I really like the front Next Venture diff skid plate but it has more than doubled in price (400 bare steel, or 480 powder coated)! I'm hoping my Rancho front diff skid/slider works with my Motobilt cover. It should since it's a flat mounting surface. I've beat mine up pretty bad, haha. Been...
  3. FAD fuel economy savings numbers?

    I wouldn't know. I average 12.7 MPG! :LOL:
  4. Differential Covers

    Can I fit 35s without a lift? You left out that one! :LOL:
  5. Differential Covers

    I just purchased Motobilt diff covers. I'm going to paint the M red and then clear coat them. I like the look of the raw steel and welds. Very cool.
  6. Harbor Freight 25% Off Single Item

    Is it a code you can share? Edit *Looks like it may be personal code. Searched my email, I received the coupon too. I ordered a new fancy creeper!
  7. JL and Infant Car Seat Question!

    I take my kids shoes off too, when I remember, haha. They love to go on trail rides with me now. So the shoes stay on for those because they're running around when we stop.
  8. JL and Infant Car Seat Question!

    Congrats! Until recently I had a front facing and a rear facing car seat in my Jeep. No issues at all. Now both kids seats are front facing. Get some good covers for the back of your seats, they will be kicked haha. The ones I have hold the kids toys so that is a bonus.
  9. Diff Cover Experts Weigh In

    Is anyone aware of a diff skid that will work with the front Rancho diff skid/slider (besides the Rancho diff cover)? I really like the ARB diff covers.
  10. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Code CW22 gets you 10% off this weekend. Friday was 15% off, but only on Friday.
  11. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Purchased RPM steering aluminum tie rod and drag link this morning. 15% today only!
  12. Fusion 4x4 vs RPM Steering Setup

    Awesome! Thanks for the input! What axle side bracket are you using for your stabilizer? I have the same Fox stabilizer. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to ordering my RPM setup once their Black Friday sale starts!
  13. Fusion 4x4 vs RPM Steering Setup

    Do I go with Fusion or RPM? After all the reading I've done, I'm leaning towards RPM. I'm torn! Any advice and pros/cons would be much appreciated! I live in VA so all of my wheeling is on the East Coast. Slick rock in PA and TN mostly, all rock crawling. I currently have an all Synergy...
  14. Black Friday 2022 / Cyber Monday 2022

    I'm hoping to find a special on RPM Steering!
  15. What wheel locks you using?

    I have spline lug nuts and locking lug nuts as well. I don't remember the brands. The manufacturer "key numbers" are in my garage. I would hope having these would deter a thief. When I had a spare on the back, I had 3 different brands/size locking lug nuts.
  16. 2.5” or 3.5” lift for 37s?

    OP, go with the 3.5 inch lift. You won't regret it. Mine is a daily driver and I'm very happy with my 3.5 inch MetalCloak Gamechanger lift (with Rock Sport shocks).
  17. 2.5” or 3.5” lift for 37s?

    You don't need to remove them. When I had the OEM inners and rear steel bumper, I heated mine up with a heat gun and "adjusted" them. It looked fine. No issues rubbing after that.
  18. Opinions on Cooper STT Pro?

    They are amazing! I often have no issues getting grip on rocks that others have issues with. They have some serious "teeth" on the sidewall edges.