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  1. Illinois Sold: JLU ACE heavy duty sliders

    ACE sliders for sale that I had on my jeep for about 18 months. They can be used with Rubicon rails. Very heavy duty and mount to the frame, not the body. Link to the sliders- https://aceengineeringandfab.com/products/jl-rock-sliders-4-door Looking to get $500- pick up and cash only
  2. Illinois Jeep JLU All weather mats with the RED Jeep logo

    In like new shape- $75 pick up only
  3. Illinois Sold: Soft Top Summer Ready Package

    I have a like new OEM Black Premium soft top, with a window carrying case, and a hard top garage hoist for sale. It is everything you need to turn your hardtop Jeep into a summer drop top. Located in Bloomington Illinois. Cash and pick up only. Looking at $1600 or best offer.
  4. Illinois Plastic Rubicon Bumper

    Looking for a cheap plastic rubicon bumper, with or without fog lights. Ideally something close enough for me to just drive and pick-up. Anyone have something for me?
  5. Illinois Sold: Looking for a stock Plastic Rubicon Bumper

    Looking for a cheap plastic rubicon bumper, with or without fog lights. Ideally something close enough for me to just drive and pick-up. Anyone have something for me?
  6. Summit County Trails this Month?

    I was out late spring to ski this year and it was very clear that Colorado got a ton of snow this season. I saw another 2 feet dropped a couple of weeks ago,. I am leaving in a bit over a week from Illinois to drive out to Summit County. I will be there from the 12th of July through the 21st...
  7. Illinois Sold: Sold

    Used soft top black with tinted windows. The windows have some scratches on them but the top is in like new shape. Happy to send pictures to anyone interested. It is 100% complete- asking $1000 for pick up only. Message me with questions.
  8. What's a soft top worth without Windows?

    Pretty self explanatory- what would you pay for a stock upgraded top and hardware but missing the windows?
  9. A word or caution for those considering a power soft top

    I doubt the JLU power soft top will have the same problems but something to consider. https://www.motor1.com/news/306215/jeep-liberty-owners-sky-slider-roof/ Basically the article is about the power soft top in the old liberty, how they are all failing and now there are no parts to fix them...
  10. Batteries are dead after 5500 miles

    I took my JLUR in for a steering stabilizer as the early 2018 will fail earlier rather than later. My automatic start stop also stopped working. Steering stabilizer is now on order and I had two new batteries installed. They both failed testing. 5500 miles, anyone else have this problem?
  11. Front Bumper questions and thoughts

    I got a killer deal on a 10th anniversary Rubicon steel bumper that I installed on my JLUR. It looks great and works perfectly so far. I have been eyeing a winch and I have been looking at what the options are. Winch plates for the steel bumpers are around $200 so it has got me thinking about...
  12. Inside the windshield LED's?

    I came across this recently and I was wondering two things, #1 is this available? #2 how well would it work? My thought is if it was tight against the glass (with some type of rubber gasket) it would work reasonably well but I am curious on other people's thoughts.
  13. Programming lighting to go on when I unlock

    When I unlock my Jeep my interior and halo's go on, this has been a nice feature. I was considering getting some rock lights for underneath the Jeep as well and I was hoping to have them pull double duty as "puddle lights" as well. My wife really likes the ground lite up so she can see if there...
  14. The need for off-road lighting

    I have had might JLUR for about 6 months and I have been blown away with the LED headlights. I was planning on getting a few pair of offraod lights, both flood and beams but with as bright as the LED's are I am now second guessing myself. Can anyone chime in on their experience with LED off road...
  15. Android Auto Questions on the 7"

    So there is not a ton of information about how the Android Auto works in the JLU. I have the 7" screen and I have been using WAZES through the phone. Overall it works really great but I have had a few questions pop up that I have not seen any direct answers. #1 During night time driving the...
  16. I'm an idiot, help please.

    So after washing the Jeep I take the doors off and put the top down. My wife was inside working and I didn't want to disturb her and take the windows to the basement where I normally store them. So I put them on top her her SUV. Later I took my daughter to get pictures taken and my wife left to...
  17. JLUR front bumper with LED fog lights

    I found a killer deal on a steel JK bumper so now I am looking to sell a Rubicon basic bumper with LED fog lights. I have no idea what to ask. Looking for some offers. Pick up only. Ivam in central Illinois but might be able to meet near Downers Grove depending on timing.
  18. JK hardrock LED fog lights vs JL LED

    So I just got a stupid good deal on a hardrock JK bumper which I will be installing on the JL this weekend. It has the stock LED fog lights from 2016, are these better, worse or the same as the JL LED? I really have no use for two sets but if I were to keep them are there good alternatives on...
  19. Got her dirty today

    The family was down in Shawnee National Park so I decided to take an alternative road back home. Definitely was more than I was expecting to get in to. Jeep is dirty, family is safe and service 4wd light is flashing. Will post videos and update you about the warning light as they come available.
  20. JK Bumper on JL

    So from what I read somewhere (for some reason I can't locate the tread right now) you can install the JK bumper on the JL. I might have tracked down a killer deal on the JCR Dagger Bumper- https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JKF/JKFD.html I was wanting to install it on the Jeep. A couple...