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  1. Extreme terain

    Had no problems from Extreme Terrain, Northridge 4X4, Morris 4X4, 4 Wheel Parts. ONLY issue (MY OWN FAULT for not completely reading the return policy before ordering) is the Northridge 4X4 return policy. If you are not completely sure if you are going to use/install an item and might return...
  2. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I had posted also elsewhere… AEV JK BORAH arrived the other day! Fitting it/modifying the rear camera center post:
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finished the Rancho 2” Sport Lift with RS9000XL shocks, Ranch Geometry Correction bracket and Rough Country Front and Rear Adjustable Track Bars:
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Lift Install has begun…will be taking my time and have all week… Got the front done 80-85% with the Geometry Correction Brackets installed when I needed to loosen up the Upper and Lower Control arms anyway. I did end up using the Jeep provided scissor jack to help hold up one side of the...
  5. Rubi Recon

    Do you think this could be incorporated to center your front and rear axles after putting. On a lift?
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    @Maverick909 I guess you missed: They arrived
  7. NEW! Stage Series HitchMount LED Pod Kit | The BEST 5 Minute Mod!

    @dshark1 I still added a different “additional” reverse light kit but STILL am keeping this as the other functions (brake and park lighting) is very useful addition to be seen by the idiot FL drivers. I also use it for another purpose (can look up my “Rear Light” modification install post)...
  8. Here’s my thoughts on a budget friendly lift to start off

    Same here…@wibornz has PLENTY of post showing what the lift can do! I got the RC Adjustable front and Rear Track Bars but I won’t be doing any wheeling anytime soon and feel they will be adequate for DD until the time I upgrade to the 3.5” MC Game Changer and 37s in a couple years. Also what...
  9. Sand Hollow Land Sale

    Nice to hear. For me, too far away for me for now here in FL. Just remembered…was always trail guided by one of the dirty dozen! Always ran with one of them in my ‘98 Gunmetal Blue TJ Sport from stock to 4 1/2” RE Long Arm
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    AEV JK Borah wheels arrived!!! FedEx sucks but looks like the wheels are packaged so well that even the worst looking box didn’t damage them: Knowing that the JK version has rear camera figment issues so got it pre fit: Also like others have said…the standard lug lock WILL NOT WORK with...
  11. Sand Hollow Land Sale

    I used to wheel at Paragon Adventure Park back in 2000-2003. Was a part of the 9/11 Ride/Event.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    The WAIT is killing me :lipssealed:
  13. Here’s my thoughts on a budget friendly lift to start off

    For what you plan, from what I have read, I think Clayton Overland Plus 1.5” or 2.5” will be what you will want to get. Or actually 392 XR take offs is what you will want with Mopar LCAs, especially if you want to stay 33s-35s
  14. Here’s my thoughts on a budget friendly lift to start off

    Also for the financial side of things…Once you select a lift…if your credit is decent, there is Pay per month options available with PayPal and Affirm that can get you into the set-up sooner AND just make monthly payments. Or with PayPal, can get set amount that has 0 interest if paid back...
  15. recommended odb2 reader with app for 4xe?

    Just bought the Z-Automotive extension cable… I might eventually go to the JL Tazer in the future. Will I keep these always attached or only when doing things? I am way out of warranty and plan to never go to a dealership unless I REALLY need to.
  16. recommended odb2 reader with app for 4xe?

    It actually came with the OBDLink MX+ and was actually surprised when I opened the package…got it from EBay.
  17. recommended odb2 reader with app for 4xe?

    OK…I just got these for the JScan…do I need anything else?
  18. Here’s my thoughts on a budget friendly lift to start off

    Also don’t discount Rancho 2” Sport Lift (3 1/2” for Sport and which I have but have not installed yet) which is supposed to have gotten 3” on a Rubicon. @wibornz can give a better review! I ordered the RS9000 adjustable shocks AND got these from Northridge 4X4 WITH the Rancho Geometry...
  19. 2 Door half doors

    Got my 4Dr Half Doors Painted and dis assembled/assembled for $1865 to Ocean Blue Metallic: Premium Uppers in pouring rain and NO leaking, just regular open door drip/pour on.