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  1. California Rock Rails from 2022 Rubicon

    Selling OEM rock rails that came off my Rubicon. Replaced with steps about 2-3 weeks after having vehicle. Passengers were having trouble getting in with xtreme recon lift, so I added steps. Brand new, no scratches or damage of any sort. Selling with all original hardware/screws/etc. asking for...
  2. California JLUR OEM Mats (Carpet)

    Replaced my OEM carpet mats with all weather ones, so getting rid of the carpet ones. Asking for $40 OBO. Prefer someone local to come pick up from me in Tustin, but willing to ship if you pay.
  3. What gas mileage are you getting on your XR?

    Before anyone roasts me, I know my Rubicon XR is a beast and built for not good mpg….however, my average mpg seems low and I’m curious to see how others compare. Computer system is saying that I average anywhere from 13-15 MPG depending on whether I drive locally or on highway. I do have a...
  4. Anyone agree to one price when ordering and pay another?

    Long story short, I ordered in December 2021 from Internet Sales Manager at Tuttle-Clicks in Irvine, CA. I agreed to pay MSRP at that time because that was the best I found near me; everyone in my area was asking $5k markup on MSRP. I asked about Tread Lightly at time of order because I knew...
  5. California Sold: $200 17” Stock Wheels w/TPMS

    5 OEM Satin Black JLU Wheels w/TPMS sensors 4 center covers included (spare doesn’t have one) Lugs included I’m in Central Orange County, So Cal
  6. California Sold: WTB: Moab Wheels (black matte)

    Looking to upgrade the wheels on my Rubicon. Loving the look on the Moab Edition wheels. Anyone selling some? Only looking for wheels but if you got both, I might be down. I’m in Southern California. Can travel reasonably within CA and to nearby states, NV, Utah, etc.