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  1. Sahara Sahara plastic front bumper

    Plastic bumper for Sahara, no fog lights or wire harness. St Louis mo area. Don't think I can ship it.
  2. Bull bar with lights

    3 month old bull bar with a pair of led 7 in lights. Like new 90.00 local pick up only. St louis Missouri area.
  3. Flashcal and led lights

    Does anybody know for sure and has done this. Can you stop hyper flash and lamp out warning with led bulbs with flashcal .
  4. Soft top available

    People were saying the price would go down, and it might later. The top is available now and the price has gone up and a shipping fee. The sail cloth really jumped up. https://www.morris4x4center.com/exterior/soft-tops/complete-soft-tops.htm
  5. Cj pony soft top

    I just got a email that the sail cloth soft top is available from there PA warehouse. Dont know for sure if it is or isn't.
  6. Cj pony

    Avs bug shield came loose and got blow off on the hwy. The tape came off the shield not the jeep. 3 emails to them and nothing.1 so far to avs . This is not the first problem I've had with CJ PONY.
  7. Mojo jeep shade tan

    Mojo jeep shade tan full coverage new in box. 100.00 free shipping I paid 133.00 for it , didn't arrive in time for me. So now I don' need it.
  8. SOLD Sahara 18in wheels and tires and tpms.

    Sahara 18in 5 wheels and tires and tpms.2800 miles and none on the spare. St Louis area and I can't ship. 750.00.
  9. Rubicon shocks vs Sahara

    Does anyone know if the rubicon shocks are longer than the Sahara. If so by how much.
  10. Everything is on back order

    It seems like everything I go to get for this JL is either on back order or pre order. Both soft tops are like that. Hoist for the JL hardtop. I ordered a bug shield for it and look at status and it's on back order now. Some of these places list it and don't say it's on back order, and just...
  11. Short black antenna

    Just installed this antenna, so far seems to pick up pretty good. No brass threads s how on this one. Rydonair - Jeep Wrangler (2007-2018) JK JL Rubicon Sahara 13 inches SHORT Flexible Rubber Radio Antenna with Internal Copper Coil for Reception Improvement...
  12. Wanting to buy soft top JL 4 door st louis area

    JL 4 door soft top , either premium or standard top. Willing to drive a little ways for it.
  13. Uconnect no option to speak you're own text

    I have had 2 8.4 nav unit's in my ram. Both of them you could speak to text you're own message. This system can only send predetermined text msg from a list. I spent over a hour on the assist help, being passed back and forth between uconnect and guardian. The issue is with guardian, the best...