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    About Up for sale is my 2018 JLUR. The tires are almost new and have been rotated recently (5 wheel). The jeep has been garage kept and is in good condition. It has been off road in Uwharrie a few times so there are some rock rash scuffs on the wheels and has one dent on a rock rail but...
  2. Distance between fender and tires for 37's on 2.5"

    So I can’t give you measurements off the top of my head but suffice to say I wheel regularly and fully flex my ruby while disconnected with a 2” Mopar lift and 12” wide 37” KM3. I had to trim the rear wheel well liner where they bump out just above the bumper return. Also had to remove the...
  3. A simple warning about your poorly designed diff drain bolt.

    Saved me before deep in the weeds with a peeled back dif cover
  4. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Yup...Daniel, Dickey Bell, and Dutch John on Monday
  5. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Wheelin at Uwharrie National Forest :jk::sun:
  6. Rubicon 37s no lift

    BTW castor and pinion where within spec after the lift. No need to switch out drive shaft either although after 3” you might have to. General problem with this conversation is we are talking geometries. Offset, wheel width, control arm length, ect...all affect the performance of the Jeep. If...
  7. Rubicon 37s no lift

    After lifting mine caster and pinion were within spec no problem. Lift kit came with longer control arms for me but of course you need to make sure you get a quality kit or additional adjustable control arms. Still not buying the trim and cut stock with 37s. I would need to see flexed front...
  8. Rubicon 37s no lift

    We can agree to disagree on all your points above accept for the affect of larger tires. I agree that height is better bought by tires due to gaining height at the lowest point if your rig as in the pumpkins. From dealing with my own 37” tires on a Ruby with a 2” lift your never going to cut...
  9. Rubicon 37s no lift

    To the gentleman lifting his Jeep with 37s good for you. On the thought of running 37’s without a lift why? Not to be a Debbie downer (but of course I am) throwing 37’s on a stock ruby or any other Jeep is like Neutering a prized stallion. What’s the point? You’ve now killed all off road...
  10. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Uwharrie National Forest OHV Trails
  11. Break Down - Service Electronic Throttle Control and Stability Control

    Update...ended up being a bad “ECS Vacuum Hose”. It took the dealership a while to get the replacement hose kit but all seems well with the Jeep.
  12. Fuel Hardline 621’s

    I’ve seen others cut the center cap but haven’t tried myself. If you do let me know how it turns out.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Cried over it because it’s been in the shop for seven days :puke:
  14. Fuel Hardline 621’s

    BTW...rolling KM3 37’s with 2” Mopar. Had to trim the fender liner in the rear but otherwise all good.
  15. Fuel Hardline 621’s

    Good Choice!
  16. Tube Doors - do they really increase safety

    At a minimum tube doors would limit the number of dirty looks and judgemental comments I get while driving around with my eight and four year old boys in the back seat with no doors on. I’ve tried to explain the four year old is probably the safest in the vehicle because he’s strapped into a...
  17. Why can't we use Carplay and JL wirelessly

    2017 and up BMW 5 series and X5 (probably all models) have wireless CarPlay. Uconnect sucks lol. Better than previous versions but behind for a $52k vehicle.
  18. Break Down - Service Electronic Throttle Control and Stability Control

    Thanks for monitoring this forum and reaching out. I have created a case number and everyone is working to resolve the issue. Current ETA to have the Jeep back in hand will be Monday 06/10. This will mean a total repair time of 11 calendar days. Hopefully everything is resolved by then.