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  1. P2B95

    I spoke with one of the Tech at the dealer. This is a known issue with vehicles at altitude and Jeep will probably have software or a patch released to fix this issue. They told me they could clear it but because my daily drives are between 6500 & 1200 feet it will return.
  2. P2B95

    Just got one of these and was unable to clear it with JSCAN. Did your CEL ever come back? 5500 mile 2023 JLUR 2.0T.
  3. Mopar LCA swap

    I had hoped the 2023 JLUR would have come with the Longer Control Arms.
  4. Fumoto vs Valvomax Oil Plug

    I have not picked up my JLUR yet. Can somebody throw up a pic so I can see how far this thing sticks out. I'm also interested in an easy drain 8spd pan or add on valve if that bridge has been crossed already.
  5. Method 704's

    I'm intersted in seeing how these work with the offset shock mounts of the MC. Looks sharp!
  6. ZF8 50K Mile Transmission Service

    So I saw where several others had reported the fluid was low from the factory. I'm curious if somebody has the time to measure the expansion difference between 5qts @ 86* and 122* fahrenheit.
  7. ZF8 50K Mile Transmission Service

    Roger that. Does it look like you can weld in a bung for drainage on the stock pan? I imagine either the filter will be in the way or it won't drain much of the fluid. I have found with my volvo it was pretty easy to drain cold and add back in the measured amount. After doing that every other...
  8. ZF8 50K Mile Transmission Service

    I'm guessing if the vehicle still has warranty the Stealership will call the filter into question. Anybody have a pan using the stock filter? Just asking because I like the ease of draining. I'd even like a funmoto or femco style drain. On my volvo XC 90 I do this every 4th oil change.
  9. JLU Seat to tailgate measurement

    Can somebody give me a JLU measurement from the back of the front seat to the tailgate. Thinking about trading my JKR for a JLU. I need to fit skis & MTN bike or I'm sticking with a 2dr.