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  1. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

    Only visor clips left....$12 shipped anywhere in lower 48
  2. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

    PM sent
  3. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

    Will ship. Make an offer. Last few things left.
  4. Illinois Hitch and plug/play wiring, Tire cover for 33's

    Bump Can ship if needed. Make offer. Last few things left.
  5. What do you wish you did far sooner to your JL?

    I wish I would have gotten rid of it sooner...
  6. What is this worth?

    Good point Flatties...forgot 95 was the last YJ year. There was no 96 model Wrangler. That might make it a little more valuable to the YJ collector.
  7. What is this worth?

    Youd be better off going to a YJ forum. Or at the very least, a TJ forum. In 95, Id guess most of the people on this forum were in diapers or in preschool. If I had to take a wild guess though, Id say 4-5K? Nice shape for a YJ man...
  8. ESS, Aux Battery Help Needed……. Thank you…..

    The best thing to do is get rid of the Jeep and anything to do with Jeep. The fact that they stuck us with this asinine problem shows how much they care about their consumer base. Or Genesis...
  9. Test drove about 15 cars in the last month and...

    My dogs turds are one of a kind too...
  10. Heated Auto Shifter Knob?

    Got to be a joke... if not, this is truly pathetic.
  11. Explaning ESS to a middle schooler

    Youll care when the Aux drains your main battery prematurely and your dead in the water. Thats exactly what its doing. The ESS not working or being disabled is just like putting a band aid on a broken leg. It doesnt fix the underlying problem which is the idiotic design of it by the engineers.
  12. Explaning ESS to a middle schooler

    Same here. There are multiple ways around it without a programmer. To be honest, the actual operation of the ESS didnt really bother me as I drove a manual and live in the country, so it almost never called for it. The way in which it was designed on the Wrangler is the problem. Youve got a...
  13. Illinois Hitch and plug/play wiring, Tire cover for 33's

    Bump for price droppage.
  14. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

    Bump for price droppage...
  15. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

  16. Illinois Hitch and plug/play wiring, Tire cover for 33's

    Barricade trailforce HD front bumper. $SOLD DV8 Offroad high clearance rear bumper. $SOLD Barricade Enhanced rubi rails (2 door) $SOLD RR hitch with plug n play wiring harness. $70 33" American flag tire cover. $30 Local pickup Richmond IL. Thanks. Can also ship. Make an offer. Last...
  17. Illinois Taccom sun visor clips

    Bestop front seat covers. $SOLD GPCA grab handles. $SOLD Shadeidea sunshade. $SOLD Dash phone mount. $SOLD RR stubby 9" antenna. $SOLD Taccom sun visor clips. $12 shipped anywhere in lower 48. Thanks. If not familiar, these are to hold the visor arm in place. Its a well known issue on...
  18. No wave?

    I will only wave to Kendall Jenner.
  19. Its been fun....take care real Jeepers

    This.... The 22 I got doesnt have it. I assume the next gen in 2024 will. Honestly, just time to move on. Enjoy guys!