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  1. Cant select XM, bad antenna?

    I have an issue where I cannot select XM radio option on the radio screen or travel link option in the options. Those two items are greyed out and only emit sound when I select them and nothing happens. I believe I should be able to enter XM radio even without subscription to preview...
  2. Whats is normal parasitic battery draw?

    I am seeing 1.32 amp draw when I connected Fluke Inductive Clamp meter to the main battery negative cable. When I pull radio fuse F97, the draw rate goes down to 0.21 amps. This fuse also measures 5mV, using volt meter at the top of the fuse openings. Is it normal for radio to pull that much in...
  3. Braille 11.5lb for AUX Battery "unboxing "

    After numerous fours of looking up and comparing specs, I desided to pull a trigger on something that I know will last - Braille battery, for my AUX replacement. This particular battery (part#B14115) is exactly the same size as OEM, however packs more juice. Its 15Ah vs 12Ah and has 360CCA vs...
  4. How to get Bronco to Flex

    With enough work, you can get it to rock crawler status. https://www.instagram.com/delfab__/
  5. How to blow up JL 3.6L

    When towing goes wrong: https://jalopnik.com/jeep-wrangler-engine-explodes-after-owner-tows-vehicle-1846493328
  6. When a smart car owner is glad to see a mall crawler with a bull bar.

    Body armor and lifts are useful even on excursions to the mall.
  7. Michigan Sold: New, OEM key Fobs with blanks.

    2018 - 2020 Jeep 4 Button Flip Remote Key w/ Remote Start - OHT1130261 68416784AA $90 each plus $10 shipping. Or $190 for both shipped. Never been programmed and have blank key shanks. Programing and cutting keys can be done by dealer or locksmith. You can always easily swap your existing key...
  8. Dismounted Engine Mount

    Have anyone had issues with their engine mount being out of place? Also bolts chewed up as if wrong socket used...